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Spirit World 100 – 2024

October 31 - November 3

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The Spirit World 100 - 2024 is a gravel cycling event and festival held in Patagonia, Arizona, known for its unique blend of challenging courses and vibrant community atmosphere. Founded by gravel cyclists Heidi Rentz and Zander Ault, it offers 100- and 50-mile routes through the picturesque San Rafael Valley. It emphasizes a connection to the landscape and community, blending the joy of cycling with gourmet food and social gatherings. This event stands out for its dedication to creating a fun, inclusive experience that celebrates the spirit of adventure and self-reliance.  The event is rated by Strambecco as a Best-in-Class event in Arizona and the Southwest.

The Spirit World 100 - 2024 is a three-day festival that blends challenging rides with community-driven activities. Starting with a fundraiser dinner on Thursday, the event includes a group ride, packet pick-up, and a pre-ride meeting on Friday. Saturday features race day with 100, 80, and 50-mile routes, followed by a post-ride festival and after-party. Sunday concludes with an award ceremony and a recovery ride. The event emphasizes camaraderie, local culture, and the beautiful landscapes of the San Rafael Valley.

The event has garnered positive feedback for its unique, community-centric atmosphere and well-organized structure.  Participants describe it as a "total adult summer camp vibe," emphasizing the welcoming and intimate environment where solo travellers quickly feel connected. The event is celebrated for its balanced male/female participation, local gourmet food, and stunning scenery in the San Rafael Valley. Cyclists appreciated the supportive, non-competitive spirit reminiscent of grassroots MTB races, focusing on fun and camaraderie over competition.

Patagonia, Arizona, is a charming town in Santa Cruz County, about 18 miles northeast of Nogales and 60 miles south of Tucson. You can drive from Tucson via State Routes 82 and 83, enjoying scenic views. This small town, with a rich history as a mining and ranching center, now serves as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a vibrant arts community.

Patagonia offers various activities and attractions for those participating in the Spirit World 100 gravel cycling event. Outdoor athletes will appreciate the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve for birdwatching and the extensive trails at Patagonia Lake State Park for hiking and fishing. The area is also known for its wineries, such as Callaghan Vineyards and Arizona Hops & Vines, providing perfect spots for relaxation after a day of cycling.

Dining options include the Velvet Elvis Pizza Company, renowned for its creative pizzas with a southwestern twist, and Wild Horses, a cozy spot attached to the Stage Stop Inn. For a casual atmosphere, the Wagon Wheel Saloon offers hearty meals and a glimpse into the local cowboy culture.



Patagonia, Arizona


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