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Best Cycling Events in the Nordic Countries 2024

Best Cycling Events in the Nordic Countries 2024

Gravel cyclist on a remote road in Iceland

The title of our article, "Best Cycling Events in the Nordic Countries 2024," could just as quickly read the Best Cycling Experiences & Challenges in the Nordic Countries.  For cycling enthusiasts planning an active vacation to the Nordics, Strambecco offers a Guide: The Best Cycling Events in the Nordic Countries 2024, designed for amateurs and competitive athletes seeking the most exceptional and novel events, races, gran fondo's, sportives to pair with a long weekend or a full vacation.  We don't cover every possible event, only those that stand out as truly unique and novel experiences.  The Nordic Countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark collectively, offer a rich selection of events in pristine and unique locations throughout the contiguous countries.   These events provide a physical challenge and offer a unique way to explore the Nordic Countries' myriad landscapes and diverse cultures.  Strambecco maintains the guide annually and constantly updates our recommendations.

Strambecco's Guide uses a range of criteria for our selections, including the quality of the event producer, their reputation, experience, affiliation with the event Series, and the like.  In our guide, you'll read about events in the International Series, including the UCI Gran Fondo Series, UCI Gravel World Series, and Gravel Earth Series.  Although the events in our guide are open to all rider types, for the most competitive athletes, several are qualification events for World Championship events, such as the UCI Gran Fondo Championship held this year in the Fall in Denmark.

We welcome feedback on the events in our Best-in-Class selections or any recommendations for events we should review.  Please get in touch with  Otherwise, here’s a look at curated recommendations from Strambecco’s staff.

Rift riders crossing deep stream

The Rift Iceland 2024

Updated June 25, 2024 — In the world of gravel cycling, where grit meets grandeur and adventure beckons at every turn, few races can match the mystique of  The Rift Iceland. This…

Riders on trail of Cycle Vasaloppet Sweden

Cycle Vasaloppet Sweden 2024

Updated July 7, 2024 — Experience the Ultimate Swedish Cycling Adventure: Cycle Vasaloppet Nestled in the heart of Sweden’s scenic Dalarna region (West-Central Sweden near the Norwegian border) lies a cycling experience…

Pack of riders in Gravel Grit'n Grind Race

Gravel Grit’n Grind Sweden 2024

Updated July 12, 2024 — The Gravel Grit ‘n Grind Sweden 2024 event race in Halmstad, Sweden, is a notable stage in the 2024 Trek UCI Gravel World Series. It promises three…

Road through a dense Swedish forest

Nordic Gravel Bergslagen 2024

Updated July 12, 2024 — If you’re a gravel cycling enthusiast seeking a thrilling and picturesque cycling experience, look no further than the Nordic Gravel Bergslagen event in Sweden. Nestled in the…

Pack of riders on course of UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

UCI Gran Fondo World Championship – 2024

Last updated April 7, 2024 The UCI Gran Fondo World Championship – 2024 is one of the world’s most prestigious amateur road cycling championships and the culminating event of the UCI Gran…

Riders on trail of Birken Cycle

Birken Cycle Norway 2024

Birken Cycle Norway 2024, aka Birkebeinerrittet, is a legendary cycling event held annually in Norway. It is inspired by the historic Birkebeiner ski race, which commemorates the rescue of infant Norwegian King…
Team of riders on trail in Falling Leaves Lahti gravel event.

Falling Leaves Lahti Finland 2024

Last Updated May 10, 2024 The Falling Leaves Lahti Finland 2024, scheduled for September 20-22, 2024, is a celebrated gravel cycling event that marks the traditional closure of the Finnish cycling season.…
Solo rider in FNLD GRVL

FNLD GRVL (Finland Gravel) 2025

Last Updated June 7, 2024 — The 2025 event date is not confirmed — In the world of cycling, where the thrill of adventure and the camaraderie of competition intersect, a new…

Riders on HRing route in Iceland

The HRing Gravel – Iceland 2025

Last updated July 10, 2024 — The 2025 event date is not confirmed — The HRing Gravel – Iceland 2025 is a unique and exhilarating gravel race in Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes. This…

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