Bond Brook Tread Fest

The Bond Brook Tread Fest is a well-attended mountain bike event held in lovely Augusta Maine. 2021 will bring a classic cross country race format with a standardized loop and there are different individual categories differing in the number of loops around the course to include all levels of riders. The one-loop, or 15km, category is open and prizes are awarded for the top men, women, and kids of 26 years old and younger. The second race category is 2 laps or 30 km, and prizes are awarded to the top men and women. For the racers wanting an even harder challenge, there is the 3 lap category or 45 kilometers; of course, there are prizes for the top genders. An always fun addition in bike racing is a relay option that offers 3 laps making up 45 kilometers where a team of three switched every lap. The Tread Fest is hosted at Augusta Trails which is the local town trial network that boasts some seriously great and well maintained single track. At the time of writing this Article months before the event, there are already over one hundred sign-ups proving its immense popularity not only in Maine but the North East. The Bond Brooke Tread fest is a premiere mountain biking event in the New England and worth a visit!