About Us

A love for endurance sports inspired Strambecco, and all the great personal benefits one derives from doing hard things, often with your best pals.  It has also been inspired by a love of seeing our country and the world through the backroads and trails, and the inspiration and motivation one derives from participating in the “Peak” events and experiences, or what you might consider “bucket listers.”  With all due respect to the local turkey trot or metric century, our purpose is to help endurance athletes & enthusiasts find the best events and multi-day experiences.  Those you plan, train, and travel for.  We are currently focused on the US with an emphasis on cycling and trail running but intend to expand geography and sports categories as we develop.  We’d love to hear from you if you have ideas or suggestions about great events or the site itself.  You can contact us at editors@strambecco.com.


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