Gorge Gravel Grinder

Dufur, OR

Gorge Gravel Grinder kicks off the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series.  Although only one day, the Gorge Gravel Grinder Big Grind route covers 93 miles and 6,100 feet of elevation through the stunning Cascade Mountain Range that typically has warm temps and sun for spring riding.  The course winds through The Dalles, where hundreds of miles…


Cascade Gravel Grinder

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR

The Cascade Gravel Grinder is the second race in the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series.  The event is unique in that it includes a single-day event on Sunday, May 14, or the chance to participate in a stage race that runs from May 11-14.  The single-day Big Grinder event doubles as the final stage of the…


Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

Sisters, OR 413 W Hood Avenue, Sisters, OR

The third leg of the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series, this "Grand Tour of Gravel," is a five-day event that will challenge and reward racers and adventure riders alike, not only on the epic days in the saddle but the celebration of the gravel tribe each night at camp.   This unique experience covers 312-363 miles…


Ochoco Gravel Grinder

Prineville, OR

The final event in the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series, Ochoco is a multi-day gravel experience in the stunning Ochoco National Forest; it offers two days of gravel roads in Oregon during an incredible time of the year with ideal riding conditions. Strambecco rates Ochoco as one of the best gravel events in Oregon and the…