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Best NorCal Gravel Grinders – 2023

Best NorCal Gravel Grinders – 2023

The team at Strambecco rates the top gravel cycling events in Northern California for 2023 based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the overall uniqueness of the event or race.  NorCal is a gravel racer and enthusiast mecca and offers a stunning array of event options spanning high alpine, old-growth forests, remote logging roads, and coastal (the famed Highway 1).   Strambecco does not cover every event, only those we deem the best.  Our recommendations are bucket list events by themselves and almost always take place at a high-quality destination that offers a great opportunity for a longer getaway.

If you are looking for early-season events, check out all the events in the Grasshopper Adventure Series, one of the longest-running gravel series in the country.   Bike Monkey is another premier event producer in the Norcal region, with great events throughout the calendar year.

Strambecco does not list every event.  We strive to identify and review events that are special and noteworthy.  If you have suggestions on other events we should consider or review, don’t hesitate to contact us here or send us a note at

Best Gravel Grinders in Oregon 2023

Fish Rock

Fish Rock is a serious event billed as a “Road bike race for people who aren’t afraid of a little hardcore gravel.” Picked as one of our best gravel cycling events in…

King Ridge Dirt Supreme

Hopper Adventures presents King Ridge Dirt Supreme, offering two stunning California coastal route options.  Picked as one of our best gravel cycling events in California, option #1 is an 80-mile course with…

Stetina’s Pay Dirt

Peter Stetina moved on from the World Pro Tour in 2019 to focus on adventure racing with a focus on less-trafficked routes like gravel.  Stetina’s Pay Dirt has become a favorite and…

Humboldt Hopper: Grasshopper

Hopper Adventures presents Humboldt Hopper, the series finale of the six-leg Grasshopper Adventure Series, a 99-mile course with mixed pavement and gravel with two timed segments and 11,600 feet of elevation gain.…

Truckee Tahoe Gravel

Formerly known as Truckee Dirt Fondo, Truckee Tahoe Gravel, produced by premier event operator Bike Monkey, is a wild mixed-terrain adventure ride into the gravel and dirt roads of the majestic Tahoe…

USAL Hopper: The Lost Coast

Chosen as one of our best gravel cycling events in California, the Lost Coast off-road biking event is an extremely beautiful and unique experience organized by Hopper Adventures. The Lost Coast is…

Heart of Gold Gravel

Heart of Gold Gravel, produced by Bike Monkey,  explores remote roads north and east of Nevada City, California. Picked as one of our best gravel cycling events in California, the course features…

The Hammer Road Rally

The Hammer Road Rally, produced by Bike Monkey,  is one of California’s premiere gravel events. Picked as one of our best gravel cycling events in California, it features some of the most…

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