Grasshopper Adventure Series

The Grasshopper Adventure Series is a renowned gravel cycling event series that takes place in California, United States. These events, which run from January to April, are known for their challenging routes, diverse terrain, and vibrant community of cyclists who come together to experience the thrill of off-road cycling.  The events are staples in Strambecco’s ratings of the Best Gravel Events in California and the Northwest.

The Grasshopper Adventure Series was founded by Miguel Crawford in 1998, and since then, it has grown in popularity, attracting both amateur and professional cyclists from all over the country. The series typically consists of several individual races that are spread out throughout the year, allowing participants to test their skills and endurance in different conditions.

One of the defining characteristics of the series is the emphasis on varied terrain. The routes take cyclists through a mix of gravel roads, dirt trails, and sometimes even sections of pavement. This diversity makes each event unique and demands versatility from the riders. The courses often include challenging climbs, technical descents, and sections that require bike handling skills, making it a true test of a cyclist’s abilities.

The events are known for their inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. They attract a wide range of participants, from elite athletes to recreational riders, all united by their love for gravel cycling. Grasshopper promotes a spirit of camaraderie and encourages participants to support and motivate each other throughout the races.

In addition to the challenging routes, the series also emphasizes the exploration of the scenic landscapes of California. Participants get the opportunity to ride through stunning vistas, remote countryside, and breathtaking natural beauty. This aspect of the events adds an element of adventure and allows riders to discover hidden gems and lesser-known cycling routes in the region.

Overall, the Grasshopper Adventure Series offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for gravel cycling enthusiasts. It combines the thrill of off-road cycling with the joy of exploration, fostering a sense of community among participants. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking for a new challenge or a newcomer to the world of gravel cycling, the Grasshopper Adventure Series provides an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

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Low Gap

Ukiah, California Ukiah, CA, United States

In the heartbeat of the Mendocino County, Ukiah, CA, the Low Gap event unfolds as an iconic “Hopper Classic,” a gravel ride that fuses adventure, challenge, and unparalleled scenic beauty. The Low Gap is the first stop of the six-event Grasshopper Adventure Series, a leading U.S. event series produced by Hopper Adventures. It is an…

Huffmaster Hopper

Maxwell, California Maxwell, CA, United States

The classic second annual Huffmaster Hopper takes place in Maxwell, CA and is produced by notable Hopper Adventures, marking the second leg of its six-part Grasshopper Adventure Series. Sandwiched between Hwy 5 and the serene beauty of the Mendocino National Forest, this event promises a unique blend of rolling gravel roads and untouched tarmac terrain.…

Lake Sonoma MTB

Lake Sonoma, California

The Lake Sonoma Mountian MTB is an extremely fun yet challenging single-track mountain bike contest. The Sonoma MTB is organized by Hopper Adventures, who produce the Grasshopper Adventure Series, which comprises six mixed-terrain adventure rides on stunning routes in Northern California, including Sonoma MTB.  The course is a wonderful 27-mile loop around the Lake comprised…


USAL Hopper: The Lost Coast

Whitethorn, California Whitethorn, CA, United States

The Usal Hopper: The Lost Coast, chosen as one of our best gravel cycling events in California and the Northwest, the Lost Coast off-road biking event is an extremely beautiful and unique experience organized by Hopper Adventures. Nestled between the vast Pacific Ocean and the meandering Eel River, 25 miles north of Fort Bragg, lies…

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