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Guide: Best Cycling Events France 2024

Guide: Best Cycling Events France 2024

Cyclists on a climb in the French Alps

For cycling enthusiasts planning a trip to France, Strambecco’s Guide: Best Cycling Events France 2024 is designed for amateurs and competitive athletes seeking the most exceptional and novel events, races, gran fondo’s, sportives to pair with a long weekend or holiday.  We don’t cover every possible event, only those that stand out as truly unique and novel experiences.  France is a cycling mecca that offers a rich selection of events in various locations throughout France that cater to road, gravel, and MTB cycling aficionados.  These events not only provide a physical challenge but offer a unique way to explore France’s picturesque landscapes and rich culture.  Strambecco maintains the guide annually and constantly updates our recommendations.

Strambecco’s Guide: Best Cycling Events France 2024 uses a range of criteria for our selections, including the quality of the event producer, their reputation, experience, affiliation with event Series, and the like.  In our guide, you’ll read about French events that are part of International Series, including the UCI Gran Fondo Series, UCI Gravel World Series, Marmotte Gran Fondo Series, the GFNY World Series, L’Etape Event Series, and more.   Although the events in our guide are open to all rider types, for the most competitive athletes, several are qualification events for World Championship events, such as the UCI Gran Fondo Championship and the UCI Gravel World Championship.

We welcome feedback on the events in our Best-in-Class selections or any recommendations for events we should review.  Please get in touch with  Otherwise, here’s a look at curated recommendations from Strambecco’s staff. 

Riders on course of Wish One Gravel race

Wish One Millau Grands Causses 2024

The Wish One Millau Grands Causses 2024 gravel cycling event is a distinguished race part of the UCI Gravel World Series, held in the scenic region of Occitanie, France. Scheduled for June…
Riders at the finish line of Marmotte Gran Fondo Alpes

Marmotte Gran Fondo Alps 2024

A Profile of the Prestigious Alpine Challenge The Marmotte Gran Fondo Alps 2024 is not just a cycling event; it's a legend in amateur cycling, revered for its grueling challenge and breathtaking…
cyclists at l'etape du tour de france

L’Etape du Tour de France 2024

Updated April 1, 2024 L'Etape du Tour de France is an annual cyclosportive event that allows amateur cyclists to experience what it's like to ride a stage of the Tour de France.…
Participants on ascent of climb during Tour of Mont Blanc

Tour of Mont Blanc 2024

Updated April 1, 2024 There are many cycling events that bill themselves as the hardest one-day endurance test, but the Tour of Mont Blanc 2024 is arguably the hardest world over.  At…
Riders course in Marmotte Gran Fando Pyrenees

Marmotte Gran Fondo Pyrenees 2024

Updated April 2, 2024 The Marmotte Gran Fondo Pyrenees 2024 is a challenging cycling event in the stunning Pyrenees mountain range in Southwest France. It is known for its demanding climbs and…
Start/Finish line at GFNY Alps

GFNY Alps Vaujany 2024

GFNY Alps Vaujany is an exciting cycling event that takes place in the breathtaking region of the French Alps. It is a challenging and prestigious race that attracts both amateur and professional…
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