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Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024

June 29

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Hairpin Swiss Alps climb in Chasing Cancellara event

The Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024 is a distinguished cycling event that combines the thrill of competitive racing with the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland. It is part of the broader Chasing Cancellara Series, inviting amateurs and semi-professionals to experience unique and challenging routes alongside two-time Olympic gold medalist Fabian Cancellara.

What makes this event unique is its demanding 300 km course, which begins in the Swiss capital of Bern and concludes in the alpine resort of Zermatt. Participants face a cumulative elevation gain of 5,000 meters, traversing through the Gantrisch Natural Park, over the Mittelberg and Col du Pillon passes, and into the picturesque Valais region, ending at the foot of the iconic Matterhorn.

Participants can choose from various formats: solo riders tackling the entire distance themselves, relay teams sharing the course, couples riding together throughout, or even a “Happy Threesome” team format. This diversity allows many cycling enthusiasts to find a comfortable challenge level.

Fabian Cancellara, also known as “Spartacus,” is not just the name behind the series but an active participant and the event’s figurehead. His involvement offers fans and fellow cyclists a rare opportunity to ride alongside a cycling legend. Cancellara’s presence elevates the event’s profile, making it a magnet for cycling enthusiasts eager to measure their performance against his​ (Zermatt, Switzerland).

For those interested in participating or attending, the Chasing Cancellara platform provides comprehensive support and amenities, including a starter package sent to participants’ homes, on-site services like nutrition and technical support, and even post-race comforts like meals and refreshments.

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