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Gravel Grit’n Grind Sweden 2024

August 17

Pack of riders in Gravel Grit'n Grind Race

The Gravel Grit ‘n Grind Sweden 2024 event race in Halmstad, Sweden, is a notable stage in the 2024 Trek UCI Gravel World Series. It promises three days of intense and picturesque gravel racing. Scheduled from August 16th to 18th, this event encapsulates Sweden’s west coast’s serene beauty and challenging terrain.  The race is designed and planned from two perspectives: one foot in the classic gravel social ride format and the other in the typical bicycle road race.  There is an overall competition over the three days, but you can choose to do any race.

Gravel Grit’n Grind Sweden 2024 —  Race Overview

  • Day 1: The event starts with a 23 km individual gravel time trial in Halmstad, offering a fast yet challenging start to the weekend. The course is fast and short but will give our competitors a glimpse of the landscape of the western coast of Sweden. Do not underestimate the flat landscape of this stage. The wind and the farm roads can make this time trial challenging enough.
  • Day 2: This is the main event, a qualifying race for the UCI Gravel World Championships. It features routes of 133 km and 104 km through varied terrains starting from the historic Wapnö farm.  The stage starts with gravel racing through the extensive Wapnö farms and then hits the hills for the first section of the race, which is real gravel, real backcountry almost immediately. The halfway point hits the village of Torup and an incredibly steep, short climb before heading towards the remote village of Gräsås (Gray-sauce) and north towards Getinge on small, challenging forest tracks. Finally, homeward bound over Harplinge and Nyårsåsen with tricky roads and rocky descents before finishing back at Wapnö’s beer tent!
  • Day 3: Concludes with an 80 km race in Simlångsdalen, known for its beautiful landscapes and slightly more relaxed atmosphere, though still competitive at the forefront.  Slightly shorter than the Queen stage, day three can still bite hard. Located further into the forest, Simlångsdalen is becoming known as the heart of Swedish gravel. Hitting the hills almost instantly, the race follows a similar course to last year’s stage 2, but with an even harder second half featuring more climbs, technical climbs, and single track.

About Halmstad, Sweden

Halmstad is located on the Swedish west coast in the south of Sweden, not far from Gothenburg if you follow the coast in the north direction or the Danish capital Copenhagen in the south if you travel over the bridge of Öresund. Easily connected to the rest of Europe by the E6, the ferry from Grenå, Denmark, high-speed train, or to the local airport.  Halmstad is the capital city of the Halland Province and has more than 100.000 inhabitants. The Nissan River splits the city into two sides before it finds its way to the sea. Most of the population is crowded around the city center, leaving hundreds of square kilometers of quiet countryside.  Halmstad provides a mix of coastal and forested routes that are visually stunning and diverse in terms of cycling dynamics. The region is known for its open fields, deep forests, and absence of heavy traffic, which adds to the charm and challenge of the race. Though not steep, the rolling hills are plentiful and will test the cyclists’ endurance and skill.

An idyllic West Coast city with a rich food culture and a wealth of outdoor activities, cycling, surfing, and golf, Halmstad is the capital of golf in Sweden and soon to be the Gravel Biking capital. With a perfect mixture of sandy beaches and lush forests, this coastal city is worth visiting from many perspectives. Halmstad has gravel climbs up to 130m, and the rolling hills make for breathtaking vistas and incredible cycling routes. Quiet roads, respectful drivers, and endless variability! Check out some local gravel bike routes.

Participants and visitors can enjoy Halmstad’s rich cultural scene and outdoor activities when not racing. Attractions include the Tylösand Lifeguard Tower, Halmstad City Library, and Halmstad Castle, which blend historical and modern Swedish experiences. The city is also a hub for other outdoor activities, such as surfing and golf, and has been dubbed the “capital of golf” in Sweden.

Accommodations and Amenities: The race is centered around Wapnö Gård, offering a start and finish point, accommodations, and local amenities, making it convenient for participants. The location is well-equipped to support the needs of the racers, with food supplies, technical support, and medical assistance readily available.

About UCI Gravel World Series

The UCI Gravel World Series is an exhilarating global cycling competition endorsed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), designed specifically for gravel biking enthusiasts. This series is part of the broader expansion of UCI’s cycling disciplines, catering to the growing popularity of gravel cycling—a blend of road and off-road racing on various unpaved surfaces. The series includes multiple events held in diverse locations worldwide, offering amateur and professional cyclists the chance to compete in challenging terrains and scenic routes.

The UCI Gravel, World Series participants, compete in various races throughout the year, and top performers can qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships. The series highlights the competitive aspect of gravel biking and emphasizes the spirit of adventure and community prevalent in gravel cycling culture. The races take cyclists through some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes, testing their endurance, skill, and resilience.

This series aligns with the UCI’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in cycling. It provides a platform for a wide range of cyclists to showcase their talents internationally and promotes gravel cycling as a welcoming and accessible sport for all.

Overall, The Gravel Grit ‘n Grind is more than just a race; it’s a full-fledged adventure that combines competitive spirit with the explorative joy of gravel riding, all set against Sweden’s captivating landscapes.



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