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Marcialonga Gran Fondo Dolomites 2024

May 26

Riders in the Dolomites on course of Marcialonga Gran Fondo

The Marcialonga Gran Fondo Dolomites 2024 is a premier road cycling event held in Italy’s stunning Dolomites of the Fiemme and Fassa valleys. Scheduled for May 26, 2024, this event offers two challenging routes: a medium distance of 80 km with a 2448 m elevation gain and a long distance of 135 km with a 3900 m elevation gain.  Both routes feature significant climbs and descents through iconic passes such as Passo Costalunga, Passo Pampeago, Passo San Pellegrino, and Passo Valles, each providing unique challenges and breathtaking views.  Marcialonga is one of the stages of the main Italian long-distance cycling circuits: ALE’ CHALLENGE,  NALINI ROAD SERIES,  CYCLING ITALIA.

The Marcillonga Gran Fondo Dolomites 2024 is the second race of the Marcialonga season, which begins the last weekend of January on the cross-country tracks with the most famous Marcialonga and ends in September with the Marcialonga Coop foot race. The Granfondo, together with the other two Marcialonga challenges, is an essential step to become a member of the  Marcialonga Superstar Club or to conclude the Punto3 Craft Combined as a team, the rankings that dedicate discounts and special prizes to athletes who decide to tackle all three disciplines both individually and as a team.  The famed Nordic ski event event began in 1971 and attracts professional and amateur skiers from around the world, who challenge themselves over a course that spans about 70 kilometers. The Marcialonga is celebrated for its festive atmosphere, scenic route passing through charming Alpine villages, and enthusiastic support from local spectators. It’s also a member of the Worldloppet Ski Federation, making it part of a global circuit of premier long-distance ski races.

The Gran Fondo event caters to both competitive and recreational cyclists. The long route includes steep gradients and technical descents that will test the endurance and skill of competitive riders. Meanwhile, the medium route offers a slightly less demanding yet equally scenic experience, suitable for enthusiasts who prefer a more moderate challenge.  Participants must have a cycling federation card or can request a day card from the event’s secretariat along with a competitive sports medical certificate. The event is well-organized, with detailed information available about each segment of the race, ensuring participants can prepare adequately for the challenges ahead.

For those interested in a comprehensive cycling vacation in Italy, the Marcialonga offers not only a challenging race but also a culturally rich experience in one of Italy’s most picturesque regions. The event is part of a broader sporting culture in the area, which also includes cross-country skiing and running events throughout the year, making it a perfect destination for athletes who enjoy multi-discipline challenges.

Route Details

Departure in Predazzo. You head towards Moena, the “Fairy of the Dolomites,” and continue until you reach Jen Jan di Fassa, where you take the first one, the Costalunga Pass. These first 16km are slightly uphill, although very pedalable. The climb to Costalunga is very regular, without excessive gradients. The last two kilometers before the pass, the road flattens out, allowing you to enjoy the view. From the Costalunga Pass, the long descent of about 10 km begins, which runs alongside Lake Carezza, passing the town of Nova Levante. After a short climb, the road descends again to Ponte Nova, the route’s lowest point. The ascent to the Pampeago Pass begins here: in the almost 14km of the climb, short pedaling sections alternate with sections with significant gradients. Overall, this is the hardest climb on the route. From Obereggen to the Pampeago Pass and downhill to Alpe Pampeago, the road is closed to vehicles, allowing you to pedal with peace of mind.
Once past the pass, you return to Predazzo, where you can choose whether to stop at the medium route or continue towards the San Pellegrino and Valles passes, thus completing the longer route.
The San Pellegrino Pass is certainly known as a destination much loved by professional cyclists and the scene of the sporting battles of the Giro d’Italia. Above all, the hairpin bends that the Marcialonga Craft granfondo tackles on the descent toward Falcade are epic. The last climb is that of Passo Valles, which is short but has steep slopes and leads to the imposing Pale di San Martino. Finally, we face the long and technical descent towards Predazzo, passing among the centuries-old trees of the Paneveggio Natural Park.

Marcialonga offers a race dedicated to children,  Minicycling.  The competition format is a gymkhana, and the location is the center of Predazzo. The difficulties and the number of laps to complete vary depending on age and category, starting from mice (children up to 6 years old) to 12-year-olds.

Cycling Holiday in Predazzo Italy

Predazzo, nestled in the heart of the Dolomites in the Trentino region of Italy, is a paradise for travelers, particularly those with a passion for the outdoors and cycling. As the gateway to the famous Fiemme and Fassa valleys, this quaint town offers breathtaking scenery with its towering peaks and lush valleys, making it an ideal setting for a variety of cycling events like the Marcialonga Cycling Craft Gran Fondo. Predazzo is revered not only for its challenging routes that attract cycling enthusiasts but also for its rich geological significance, boasting the most diverse types of rocks in the Alps. This blend of natural beauty and geodiversity, along with cozy accommodations and authentic Italian cuisine, makes Predazzo a top destination for those seeking both adventure and relaxation in an idyllic mountain setting.

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