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El Tour de Tucson 2024

Tuscon, Arizona Tuscon, AZ, United States

Last Updated April 2, 2024 This year will mark the 41st annual edition of El Tour de Tucson, one of Arizona’s largest and longest-running participative events. Held the Saturday before Thanksgiving every year, Perimeter Bicycling Association  brings together this fundraising ride that features nearly 7,500 cyclists of all ages and abilities from the United States…

El Tour de Zona 2024

Sierra Vista, Arizona Sierra Vista, AZ, United States

Last Updated April 1, 2024 - Note: 2025 event date and details are not yet confirmed Imagine pedaling through the heart of the sun-soaked Arizona landscape, surrounded by the allure of historic towns and the camaraderie of fellow cycling enthusiasts - this is the promise of El Tour de Zona, a three-day cycling extravaganza that's…