Freetown 50

Called the toughest mountain bike event in the Northeast, the Freetown 50 has made a name for itself as being a challenging and extremely well-attended endurance mountain bike race in Assnoet, Massachusetts. Put on by Rock Hard Racing who hosts a handful of other mountain bike events in Massachussets and beyond.  There are multiple categories to suit every rider level. There is a junior race for thee youngsters aged 12 and under and 13-15, which is 5 miles. The Novice Category is 16.8 miles and has every sub-age category within it. Then there is the 50k event or 35 miles, which takes 2 laps around the standardized course with multiple age and gender categories, all with individual prizes in this category. Then there is the classic and famous full 50-mile event which is three laps of the standardized course. A fun addition to the race categories is a Cape Epic style entry in the 50k and 50-mile categories where you and another rider can relay the course, one doing the first half and the other the second. the Freetown 50 is an epic event that brings over a hundred racers every year to Assnoet to let their legs burn and suffer in one of the Northeasts top mountain bike events of the year.

Fox Factory Barn Burner

This Barn Burner near Boston is the last stop of the Orange Seal Offroad series which has a loaded cross country event callender up the Northeastern US. This Fox Factory race takes place on the Adam farm in Walpole Massachusetts. There is a race for everbody ranging from junior XC all the way to pro XC and finishing with the 50km Blue Hills race. Even you E-Bikers have a race.

The Barn Burner is part of the  CYCLESPORTIF Off-Road Series which consists of some of the most iconic and classic mountain bike races in the North East. As the premier series for both amateur and professional mountain bikers, the Trophy Series strives to bring the best events to the New England mountain biking community.