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B2VT (Boston to Vermont) 2024

June 15

B2VT finish at Stratton Mountain Resort

In the early 2000s, Harpoon Brewery opened a second brewery in Windsor, Vermont. A group of elite cyclists from Team Psycho seized this opportunity to embark on the inaugural B2B ride, setting the wheels in motion for what would become the B2VT (Boston to Vermont) Ride. With nothing but a SAG wagon stocked with essentials like water, tires, tubes, and tools, they took on the challenging route. Upon reaching Windsor, a keg (or maybe more) was rolled out from the brewery for a joyous post-ride celebration.

Fast forward and the B2VT (Boston to Vermont) Ride has grown, both in terms of participants and the intensity of the challenge. The course has been lengthened, and the elevation gain has increased significantly. In 2014, the B2B became the B2VT, and a tougher course was unveiled, pushing riders to their limits. However, what has remained constant is the spirit of the event—a tough, bare-bones ride with the ultimate rewards of camaraderie and a memorable party at the finish.    Strambecco rates B2VT as one of the Best Road Cycling events in New EnglandThe event is produced by Streamline Events who also produced the highly acclaimed VT Monster Gravel Grinder.

Three Distances, Something for Everyone

2VT Ride is designed to accommodate a wide range of cyclists. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for an epic challenge or a relative newcomer seeking a manageable distance, there’s an option for you. The event offers four distances, ensuring that every participant can find a ride that suits their skills and fitness level.  The signature event is a whopping 142 miles with 9,000+ feet of elevation gain.

For those seeking an iron-distance challenge, the 103-mile route is a perfect choice. Starting from Ashby, Massachusetts, this ride includes 8,000 feet of climbing, with four significant climbs that test even the most experienced cyclists. From “The Primer” to “The Burner,” each ascent offers a dose of reality, with the grand finale known as “Big Bear” delivering the ultimate high point of the course.

If the iron distance sounds too daunting, the 62-mile metric century ride offers an equally challenging yet slightly shorter option. Starting from Chesterfield, riders will conquer 5,000 feet of climbing, including the grueling “Burner” and the exhilarating “Big Bear” climb, making this a tough 62 miles of relentless ups and downs.

Respect, Safety, and Self-Reliance

The B2VT Ride places great importance on safety and respect for the communities it passes through. Riders are expected to follow all traffic laws and be respectful to other road users. The roads are open to vehicular traffic, so it’s crucial for participants to obey all traffic regulations. The event emphasizes safe and considerate riding, with riders encouraged to stay in double file or single file on narrow roads.

Self-Reliance and Preparation

While the event offers support through world-class neutral road support and stocked water stops, participants are expected to ride unassisted and finish under their own power. Riders are encouraged to be self-reliant, with each cyclist responsible for servicing their own bikes, including repairing flats and conducting minor repairs.

A Great Post-Ride Celebration

The B2VT Ride culminates in a memorable post-ride celebration at Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont. Partnerships with Stratton provide participants, as well as their friends and families, with special lodging discounts. It’s an excellent opportunity to make the Father’s Day weekend a memorable family getaway, recharging after conquering the challenging course.


The B2VT Ride is a remarkable cycling event that embodies the spirit of camaraderie and adventure. With a range of distances to choose from and a focus on safety, self-reliance, and respect for others, it’s an unforgettable experience for cyclists looking to test their mettle on the roads of New England. The ride is not just about the challenge; it’s about the journey, the community, and the lasting memories created along the way.  Of special note, the event operator offers return bus options to transport riders, bikes, and gear back to the starting line in Bedford, MA.


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