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Best Road Cycling Races New England 2024

Best Road Cycling Races New England 2024

Solo rider taking in the Fall color change in New England

With an incredible array of high-quality cycling terrain, New England is a paradise for road cyclists.  Spanning upstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island, it’s difficult to pinpoint the best road cycling events New England 2024.   That’s where Strambecco comes in – a trusted authority in road cycling events. Strambecco’s expert team has carefully evaluated numerous factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and overall uniqueness, to bring you the crème de la crème of best road cycling events New England  2024.  Some of the most noteworthy events in our best list include:

Tour of the Battenkill: Conquering the Rugged Beauty (May)

In the heart of spring, the Tour of the Battenkill stands out as a gritty and captivating event that captures the essence of New England’s rugged beauty. The route traverses the picturesque countryside of upstate New York and takes riders through rolling hills and quaint villages. Known for its demanding dirt and gravel sectors, the Battenkill tests the skill and tenacity of participants, earning it a spot on Strambecco’s bucket list of events. Produced by Ventures Endurance Events, the Tour of the Battenkill consistently earns rave reviews for its seamless organization and challenging yet rewarding course.

Vermont Gran Fondo: Cycling Amid Nature’s Masterpiece (August)

When the lazy days of summer arrive, cyclists flock to the Vermont Gran Fondo for an unforgettable ride amid nature’s masterpiece. This event offers multiple route options that wind through Vermont’s breathtaking Green Mountains and picturesque farmland. From seasoned riders seeking the ultimate challenge on the Gran Fondo course with significant elevation gain to recreational cyclists enjoying the beauty of the landscape on shorter routes, the Vermont Gran Fondo caters to all. The stunning scenery and excellent event production have firmly secured this event as one of Strambecco’s top picks.  Finally, the event is part of the Gran Fondo World Tour and the Gran Fondo National Series.

The Mt. Washington Hillclimb: Conquering the Beast (August)

When conquering a legendary peak, nothing compares to The Mt. Washington Hillclimb. In August, this awe-inspiring event challenges cyclists to ascend Mount Washington Auto Road, a 7.6-mile climb known for its extreme gradients and unpredictable weather conditions. This world-renowned hill climb event attracts cyclists from around the globe eager to test their climbing abilities and become part of cycling history. The allure of this iconic hillclimb has earned it a well-deserved place on Strambecco’s list of must-ride events.

Strambecco’s Quest for the Extraordinary

Strambecco’s commitment to excellence means that not every event cuts. The team’s mission is to highlight special and noteworthy experiences for cyclists seeking unforgettable moments on the road. As a result, the list is carefully curated, ensuring that only the best events grace its pages.

Your Suggestions Matter

Strambecco understands the importance of community feedback. As a passionate advocate for road cycling, Strambecco welcomes suggestions from readers about events they believe deserve recognition. If you have an event you believe should be reviewed, contact Strambecco at or visit their website to share your recommendations.  Strambecco also rates the best gravel cycling events and best MTB events in New England for 2024.

gravel cyclists at tour of the battenkill

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B2VT finish at Stratton Mountain Resort

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Riders on ascent in Vermont Gran Fondo

Vermont Gran Fondo 2024

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the prouty start line

The Prouty 2024

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road cyclists in upstate new york

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road cyclist at Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb (MWARBH)

Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb 2024

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