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Best Cycling Events in Switzerland 2024

Best Cycling Events in Switzerland 2024

Riders climbing a Swiss mountain pass

With its picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains, Switzerland is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts seeking adventure and leisure. Whether you’re an amateur rider or a seasoned cyclist, the array of cycling events spread across this alpine country offers a unique opportunity to combine the thrill of cycling with the joy of exploration. Switzerland hosts a diverse lineup of cycling events that cater to all preferences. This guide will help you navigate the best cycling events in Switzerland, ensuring you find the perfect race to enhance your holiday experience, immersing you in this stunning destination’s natural beauty and cultural richness.  Strambecco does not rate or cover every possible event, only those considered the best.  Our ratings of the Best Cycling Events in Switzerland 2024 span Road, Gravel, and MTB disciplines based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the event’s or race’s overall uniqueness. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Best Cycling Events in Switzerland 2024.

1. Chasing Cancellara Series

The Chasing Cancellara Series offers both competitive and amateur cyclists the opportunity to ride with the legendary Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara. These events are not just races; they offer a unique experience to learn from one of the sport’s greats. For example, the Bern-Zermatt and Zurich-Andermatt events stand out, challenging riders with a route that spans some of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes.

2. Epic Series MTB

Part of the global Epic Series MTB, the Swiss Epic is a demanding mountain bike race held over several days in the Swiss Alps. It attracts world-class athletes and avid mountain bikers alike, offering a mix of breathtaking routes, high-altitude climbs, and thrilling descents. It’s a test of endurance and skill, set against some of the most stunning backdrops in mountain biking.

3. UCI Gran Fondo Series

The UCI Gran Fondo Switzerland is one of the jewels in the crown of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Held in Villars, it features routes that challenge participants with steep climbs and fast descents. Top finishers qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, making it a target for competitive amateur cyclists looking to compete on a global stage.

4. UCI Gravel Fondo Series

Gravel Suisse and the Alpine Gravel Challenge are part of the UCI Gravel Fondo Series. Events in the global series feature a mix of gravel and road sections, catering to the growing popularity of gravel cycling and, based on qualification, including the chance to participate in the UCI Gravel World Championship.  These events are known for their organized routes highlighting natural beauty and challenging terrains, which are ideal for cyclists who enjoy endurance tests in scenic settings.  Gravel Suisse

5. Gravel Earth Series

Octopus Gravel is part of the Gravel Earth Series, which encompasses a range of gravel races across various countries, including Switzerland. These races focus on the adventure aspect of cycling, taking riders through remote areas, often on mixed-surface routes that offer a unique cycling experience combining physical challenges and exploring hidden landscapes.

Each event provides rigorous physical challenges and showcases the beauty of Switzerland’s diverse landscapes—from remote gravel paths and lush mountain trails to stunning alpine roads. They cater to a range of cycling preferences, whether looking for the camaraderie of a large fondo or the thrill of a mountain biking adventure. Participants can enjoy well-organized events with comprehensive support, making them suitable for seasoned racers and enthusiastic amateurs.

Solo rider on ascent in Swiss Alps

Octopus Gravel Andermatt 2024

In the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps lies Andermatt, a picturesque village that hosts the extraordinary gravel cycling event Octopus Gravel Andermatt. This thrilling gathering not only brings together gravel enthusiasts…

Hairpin Swiss Alps climb in Chasing Cancellara event

Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024

The Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024 is a distinguished cycling event that combines the thrill of competitive racing with the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland. It is part of the broader Chasing Cancellara Series,…
Rider on a climb with Swiss Alp backdrop

Gran Fondo Switzerland – Villars 2024

Updated March 31, 2024 The UCI Gran Fondo Switzerland Villars is an annual cycling event held in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It is organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing…
Solo riding climbing on route of UCI Gravel Suisse

UCI Gravel Switzerland 2024

UCI Gravel Switzerland 2024, part of the UCI Gravel World Series, offers a unique cycling experience in the picturesque Vaud Alps, with the famous mountain resort of Villars as its epicenter. This…
Swiss Epic team on single track

Swiss Epic MTB 2024

The SPAR Swiss Epic MTB is a premier and internationally renowned off-road cycling event that takes place in the stunning and challenging terrain of Switzerland. This multi-day stage race is a true…
Riders near Lake Zurich in Chasing Cancellara event

Chasing Cancellara Zurich-Andermatt 2024

The Chasing Cancellara Zurich-Andermatt is a captivating cycling event on August 24, 2024, and part of the Chasing Cancellara Series.  Organized under the banner of Chasing Cancellara, this event offers participants a…
Alp scene of Alpine Gravel Challenge

Alpine Gravel Challenge 2024

The Alpine Gravel Challenge is a significant new event in the gravel cycling calendar in Europe, particularly for gravel enthusiasts, and it's part of the UCI Gravel World Series. The event is…
Riders on single track section of Iron Bike Race

Hero Series Iron Bike Race 2024

Every September, the charming town of Einsiedeln in Switzerland becomes the epicenter of mountain biking excitement. With its stunning landscapes and historic charm, Einsiedeln hosts the BikeSide MTB Festival, featuring the renowned…
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