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Octopus Gravel Andermatt 2024

June 29

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Solo rider on ascent in Swiss Alps

In the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps lies Andermatt, a picturesque village that hosts the extraordinary gravel cycling event Octopus Gravel Andermatt. This thrilling gathering not only brings together gravel enthusiasts but also serves as a celebration of mountain passion, complete with breathtaking landscapes, delectable cuisine, and pulsating music throughout the day. Prepare to embark on a cycling journey like no other.

A Gathering of Gravel Enthusiasts and Mountain Lovers

Octopus Gravel Andermatt isn't just a race; it's an experience that seamlessly blends the thrill of cycling with the serene beauty of the Alps. The event's course features seven remarkable dead-end gravel road passes, each leading back to the main event area in Andermatt. This ingenious design provides participants with the perfect opportunity to recharge, refuel with delicious food and drinks, groove to the beats of lively music, and immerse themselves in the vibrant event expo before tackling the next challenging segment.

Unveiling the Official Ranking and Gravel Earth Series Points

Participation in Octopus Gravel is a badge of honor. To be part of the official classification and earn points for the prestigious Gravel Earth Series ranking, cyclists must conquer at least six of the seven legs, including the three timed sections. These timed climbs, each a testament to the strength and determination of the riders, contribute to the final classification. The event offers a range of experiences, from leisurely rides to intense racing, making it a celebration of diverse cycling abilities.

A Cycling Adventure of Epic Proportions

Imagine the main event area as the head and body of a colossal octopus and the seven gravel climbs as its sprawling arms. These arms wind their way through the Swiss Alps, presenting a challenge that is as daunting as it is exhilarating. With each climb, cyclists ascend to some of the most iconic peaks in the region, absorbing the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround them. Upon conquering a climb, participants are rewarded with a stamp as a testament to their accomplishment. The maximum amount of riding would be 155km with 4450 vertical gain.

Andermatt: The Perfect Host for Adventure Seekers

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Andermatt serves as an idyllic backdrop for Octopus Gravel. This charming village caters to outdoor enthusiasts year-round, providing an array of adventures for those seeking an adrenaline rush amidst stunning natural vistas. From skiing and snowboarding during the winter to hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding in the summer, Andermatt offers an irresistible playground for thrill-seekers.

Accommodations as Unique as the Landscape

After an exhilarating day of cycling and exploration, Andermatt welcomes participants with a diverse range of accommodations to suit every preference. Experience the warmth of traditional alpine lodges, indulge in the luxury of high-end hotels with awe-inspiring views, opt for boutique guesthouses that blend modern comfort with mountain charm, or embrace the authenticity of mountain huts along hiking trails. Andermatt's accommodations promise both comfort and a connection to the surrounding natural beauty.

Beyond its outdoor allure, Andermatt is a village that captures the heart with its authentic Swiss charm. Cobblestone streets, inviting cafes, and local shops invite exploration and immersion in alpine culture. As an outdoor enthusiast, Andermatt isn't just a destination—it's a portal to unforgettable adventures and a tranquil alpine haven that caters to both the spirit of adventure and the longing for relaxation.


Octopus Gravel isn't merely a cycling event; it's an experience that invites participants to conquer physical challenges, relish in natural beauty, and immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of Andermatt. As gravel enthusiasts and mountain lovers converge in this picturesque Swiss village, Octopus Gravel emerges as a celebration of passion, perseverance, and the boundless allure of the Alps. Whether you're racing against the clock or embarking on a leisurely journey through stunning landscapes, Octopus Gravel promises an unforgettable experience that resonates with both the seasoned cyclist and the intrepid adventurer.

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