Gravel Earth Series

The mission of the Gravel Earth Series is to promote gravel cycling in a positive way around the world.   The world gravel explosion is a reality. This cycling modality continues to add lovers, and with it, the interest of brands and federations grows. The gravel paradigm is changing. This is the raison d’être of the Gravel Earth Series. This sport’s new world circuit has been born to maintain its essence, bringing together some of Earth’s most important and experienced events. The values of this sport, respect for the environment, and love for the territory must prevail over any competition. The gravel community doesn’t want to give up its roots.

This is the philosophy that led Klassmark, promoters of the circuit, to give shape to the Gravel Earth Series idea by bringing together some of the most authentic events on the international scene. All of them must promote gravel in a positive way, inspiring the community throughout the territory. The result? Six countries and six events with different itineraries and formats, plus the Earth Final. The tracks of the Gravel Earth Series promote remote areas little visited by the general public to find genuine contact with the Earth. The first premise is the landscape value and the natural environment in which the events occur.

The adhered events to the Gravel Earth Series are events with personalities that differ from the rest. From the wild land of Maasai Mara in Kenya to the dark lava field in the highlands of Iceland. Migration and The Rift are two of the pillars of the circuit. It is also championed by The Traka, with the Costa Brava and the historic city of Girona in Spain as a claim. Octopus defies the participants with the highest peaks of the Alps in Switzerland. Medieval castles represent France, and the great rivers of Nature are Bike, while the Nordic Gravel of Bergslagen proposes a trip to the massive inland of Sweden. The party ends with the Earth Final, the grand finale of the circuit with a venue to be determined, which will crown the best bikers of this first edition.

A team of athletes and gravel professionals has studied all the candidate events to select to be part of the Gravel Earth Series. All distances from one hundred kilometers of each of the adhered events will award points for the overall ranking of the circuit depending on its category. The Gravel Earth Series considers the event’s difficulty and prestige to award one category or another. In addition, the Earth Final adds an extra score, being the event that distributes the most loot, where everything will be decided. However, the final standings of the Gravel Earth Series will consider the circuit’s top two scores plus the Earth Final score. This classification format rewards the most regular and versatile bikers of the year.

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Octopus Gravel Andermatt

Andermatt, Switzerland Andermatt, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

In the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps lies Andermatt, a picturesque village that hosts the extraordinary gravel cycling event Octopus Gravel Andermatt. This thrilling gathering not only brings together gravel enthusiasts but also serves as a celebration of mountain passion, complete with breathtaking landscapes, delectable cuisine, and pulsating music throughout the day. Prepare to…

The Rift Iceland

Hvolsvöllur, Iceland Hvolsvollur, Iceland

In the world of gravel cycling, where grit meets grandeur and adventure beckons at every turn, few races can match the mystique of  The Rift Iceland. This 200-kilometer (125 miles) off-road battle is not for the faint-hearted; it's a test of endurance, mental fortitude, and a thrilling gravel battle between continents. Welcome to the remote,…

Event Series Gravel Earth Series

Nordic Gravel Bergslagen

Nora, Sweden Nora, Orebro, Sweden

If you're a gravel cycling enthusiast seeking a thrilling and picturesque cycling experience, look no further than the Nordic Gravel Bergslagen event in Sweden. Nestled in the heart of central Sweden, the Bergslagen area boasts a rich history as the cradle of early Swedish industrial marvels, adorned with countless mines and iron ores. But today,…

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