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The Traka Gravel Girona

April 28, 2024 - April 29, 2024

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Traka Riders in a paceline

The Traka Gravel Girona is a noncompetitive gravel event that takes place around the cycling mecca of Girona, Spain, which is in the Northeast Catalonia region.  The Traka Gravel Girona offers the best roads, landscapes, and tracks to be had in the region, a true postcard photograph where only you are missing. Choose your distance and enjoy your sport. You will find everything you have always been looking for at the gates of Girona. Relax in the city’s old town, experience its culture, mix with its people, enjoy its gastronomy, and, above all, cycle like you’ve never done before.

The Traka Gravel Girona offers four route options: distances of 330k with 4500m of elevation gain,  200k with 2000m of elevation gain, 100k with 1000m of elevation gain, and 50k with 800M of elevation gain.  Premier event operator Klassmark produces the event and is part of the Gravel Earth Series.

Girona, a charming city nestled in the heart of Catalonia, Spain, has earned its reputation as a cyclist’s haven. Its enchanting landscapes, diverse terrains, and warm hospitality have drawn cyclists from around the globe, including a growing number of gravel enthusiasts seeking to explore off-the-beaten-path adventures. This picturesque region offers a delightful combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and challenging routes, making it an unforgettable destination for any cyclist, especially those who relish the allure of gravel riding.

  1. Scenic Wonders for Gravel Cycling: Girona’s surroundings are a dream come true for gravel cyclists. Vast expanses of rolling countryside, vineyard-clad hills, and hidden trails that meander through dense forests await those eager to venture off-road. Gravel cyclists will find themselves immersed in breathtaking landscapes, where each pedal stroke brings new discoveries and unforgettable vistas.
  2. A Thriving Cycling Community: Girona has become synonymous with cycling greatness, attracting both seasoned professionals and passionate amateurs. The city is home to numerous professional cycling teams, and the presence of world-class cyclists has fostered a vibrant and inclusive cycling community. Gravel enthusiasts will find kindred spirits to join them on their two-wheeled escapades, share experiences, and create lasting memories.
  3. Proximity to Legendary Climbs: While gravel cycling enthusiasts revel in the untamed paths, Girona’s close proximity to the Pyrenees Mountains also provides an opportunity to tackle legendary climbs that have become iconic in the world of road cycling. Gravel riders seeking a mix of terrains can easily incorporate some challenging mountain ascents into their itineraries, testing their mettle against famous cols and passes featured in prestigious races.
  4. Bike-Friendly Infrastructure: Girona takes its commitment to cycling seriously, boasting a comprehensive network of bike lanes, paths, and facilities. This cyclist-friendly infrastructure ensures that gravel riders can easily navigate the city and its outskirts, fostering a safe and enjoyable experience. Bike rental shops are also readily available for those who prefer to travel light.
  5. Embrace History and Gastronomy: Beyond the cycling adventures, Girona offers a captivating journey through history with its well-preserved medieval old town, adorned with ancient walls and winding streets. Cyclists can take a leisurely ride through time, soaking in the city’s rich cultural heritage. And after a day of exploring, Girona’s culinary scene beckons with delectable Catalan dishes and regional wines, rewarding the senses and satisfying the palate.






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