Region/State: Northwest

The Pacific Northwest offers a diverse playground for outdoor enthusiasts, blending lush forests, rugged coastlines, and towering mountains. In this unique landscape, hiking opportunities are abundant with trails like those in the Cascade Range, where adventurers can explore ancient forests and alpine meadows or ascend peaks such as Mount Rainier. Water lovers find solace kayaking or sailing in the expansive Puget Sound or along the wild coasts of Oregon, where whale watching is a popular activity. The region is also famous for its cycling paths, including the scenic routes around Portland and Seattle that offer both urban views and countryside escapes. During the winter months, the mountains transform into prime destinations for skiing and snowboarding, particularly at resorts like Mount Bachelor and Whistler-Blackcomb. Whether it’s climbing, fishing, or simply enjoying a quiet picnic beside a hidden mountain stream, the Northwest provides ample opportunities to connect with nature in every season.

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