Region/State: Wyoming

Wyoming is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a vast playground of natural wonders characterized by rugged mountain ranges, expansive plains, and stunning national parks. Visitors and residents alike revel in activities such as hiking through the scenic trails of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, where the landscapes change from geothermal features and lush forests to striking mountain vistas. Winter transforms the state into a snowy haven, perfect for skiing and snowboarding, most notably at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Fishing enthusiasts are drawn to the clear, fish-rich waters of the Snake River and other quiet lakes and rivers, offering abundant trout and a serene fishing atmosphere. For the more adventurous, rock climbing in Vedauwoo and mountain biking across diverse terrains provide a thrilling challenge. Horseback riding and wildlife watching are also popular, giving everyone a chance to experience Wyoming’s untouched beauty and diverse ecosystems at a gentler pace.

Solo Dead Swede participant with mountain backdrop
The Dead Swede 2025

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Sheridan, WY
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Fistful of Dirt 2024
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Cody, WY
mountain biker at pierre's hole 50/100
Pierre’s Hole 50/100 2024

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Alta, WY
mountain biker at laramie range epic a best mountain bike event rockies
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Laramie, WY
Bighorn Trail Run 2025

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Sheridan, WY
finish line of LoToJa Classic
LoToJa 2024

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Logan, UT