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Best Gravel Cycling Events South-Central 2024

Best Gravel Cycling Events South-Central 2024

Lone gravel rider on dirt road

The team at Strambecco rates the Best Gravel events South-Central 2024 based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the overall uniqueness of the event or race.  South-Central includes events in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Some of the most noteworthy events on our list of Best Gravel Events South-Central 2024 include the Mid-South in Oklahoma in March, an early-season event held in the charming city of Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The event has become a standout on the national gravel cycling calendar. Renowned for its challenging terrain and unpredictable weather, this event attracts cyclists from all corners of the country seeking a true test of their abilities.  If you’re seeking an authentic Texas gravel cycling experience, look no further than Gravel Locos Hico. Held in the charming town of Hico, Texas, this event offers riders a unique taste of the Lone Star State’s rugged terrain. The route takes participants through remote countryside roads, picturesque ranches, and sweeping vistas of the Texan landscape. Gravel Locos Hico is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of the local culture, complete with live music, delicious food, and a warm Texas welcome.  The Highlands Gravel Classic is an event nestled in the captivating landscapes of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This race has gained significant recognition, particularly due to its affiliation with the UCI Gravel World Series, making it a prestigious destination for both professional and amateur riders.  Finally, in the Fall, Big Sugar takes place in the cycling mecca, Bentonville, Arkansas, and is a Life Time Grand Prix Series event.

Strambecco does not list every event.  We strive to identify and review events that are special and noteworthy.  If you have suggestions on other events we should consider or review, don’t hesitate to contact us here or send us a note at  Strambecco also rates the Best MTB events in South-Central

Riders on rocky trail in Osage Passage

Osage Passage

Experience the thrill of gravel riding while immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Osage Hills at the Osage Passage gravel cycling event just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event draws participants…
Dirt road in Arkansas countryside

Chinkapin Hollow Gravel Grinder

The Chinkapin Hollow Gravel Grinder returns to Fayetteville this fall for a gravel racing experience not to be missed.  Starting from the Lake Wedington Recreation Area just west of Fayetteville, the Chinkapin…
gravel cyclists at the mid south event

The Mid South

The Mid South has rapidly evolved from its inception in 2011 to a Winter classic in the South-Central US. Rooted in the quiet charm of Stillwater, Oklahoma, this event, organized by District…
gravel cyclists at gravel locos hico

Gravel Locos Hico

Gravel Locos Hico returns in 2023 with four-course options through the heart of Texas heartland in Hico, TX (70 miles Northwest of Waco).  Routes range from 34 to 157 miles and up…
gravel cyclist at highlands gravel classic

Highlands Gravel Classic

The Highlands Gravel Classic started last year to rave reviews and features the beautiful Boston Mountains range of the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas – known as the Highlands!  The event has…
gravel cyclists at Big Sugar Classic

Big Sugar Classic

The Big Sugar Classic is an ultra-endurance gravel grinder held on gravel roads through the Northwest region of Arkansas and the Southeast region of Missouri. The start is in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas,…
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