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Best Maine Cycling Events 2024

Best Maine Cycling Events 2024

Races on trail in Carrabassett Backcountry MTB Race

With its rugged landscapes, extensive forests, and scenic coastlines, Maine offers an extraordinary backdrop for cycling enthusiasts looking to explore the state on two wheels. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of a steep hill climb, the endurance test of a backcountry challenge, or the excitement of a mountain bike race, Maine’s diverse events cater to cyclists of all types and skill levels.  The team at Strambecco rates the Best Maine Cycling Events 2024 based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the event’s or race’s overall uniqueness. Strambecco does not list every event.  We strive to identify and review special and noteworthy events, spanning Road, Gravel, and Mountain Bike events and races.

Cycling Events in Maine

Gran Fondo Hincapie – Bangor: The Hincapie Gran Fondo Series brings its cycling celebration to Bangor, Maine, offering cyclists the chance to experience New England’s rolling hills in a professionally supported ride. This event is part of a series that provides a challenging and rewarding experience across picturesque routes, with options suitable for all cyclists. The series emphasizes a professional-level race experience, complete with rest stops, post-ride meals, and festivities​.

Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge: As part of the National Ultra Endurance Race Series, the Carrabassett Backcountry Cycle Challenge tests riders with up to 100 miles of endurance mountain biking. Set in the beautiful Carrabassett Valley, this event is highlighted for its challenging course and is recognized as one of the best endurance mountain bike races in New England and the United States. The race offers a unique opportunity to push your limits in Maine’s stunning backcountry​.

12 Hours of Bradbury Mountain: A classic endurance mountain bike race set in Bradbury State Park. This 12-hour race challenges solo riders and teams to complete as many laps as possible of a 7-mile loop featuring an elevation gain of 395 ft. With a cap of 300 participants, it’s an exclusive event that provides a fantastic atmosphere for riders and spectators alike, complete with nutritional aid stations and great local food​.

Why Maine Is Great for Cycling and Outdoor Activities

Maine’s diverse geography, from coastal roads to mountainous terrain, provides various cycling experiences. The state’s commitment to maintaining trails and supporting outdoor activities ensures cyclists have access to well-kept routes and beautiful landscapes. Beyond cycling, Maine offers hiking, kayaking, and camping, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The serene towns and vibrant food scene, especially in Portland, add to the state’s charm, making it an attractive destination for cyclists and their families.

Maine offers a wealth of activities to explore for those participating in or attending these events. Enjoy plenty, from the tranquil beaches along the coast to the historic lighthouses and fresh seafood. The state parks, including Bradbury Mountain State Park, offer hiking trails and wildlife observation opportunities, ensuring that your trip to Maine is as adventurous off the bike as it is on it.

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist looking to test your endurance, a recreational rider seeking scenic vistas, or an outdoor lover searching for your next adventure, Maine’s cycling events and natural beauty offer an unparalleled experience.  If you have suggestions on other events we should consider or review, please contact us here or send us a note at  Strambecco also rates the best Road, Gravel, and MTB events in greater New England.

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