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HERO Black Forest Germany

July 12, 2024 - July 14, 2024

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Pack of riders coming in Hero Black Forest event
HERO Black Forest Germany Mountain Bike Race and Festive: A Legendary Adventure in the Heart of the Black Forest

Nestled deep within the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, a thrilling adventure awaits for mountain bike enthusiasts from around the world. The HERO Black Forest Germany Mountain Bike Race, a part of the HERO Global Series, is not just a competition but a celebration of nature, endurance, and camaraderie. With its challenging route, breathtaking scenery, and a festive atmosphere that captivates both athletes and spectators, this event has earned its reputation as Europe’s most atmospheric mountain bike marathon.

The HERO Tradition: More Than a Race

The HERO Black Forest race has a rich history dating back to 1997 when Mike Kluge coined the now-famous phrase, “Everyone who finishes the ULTRA Bike is a winner.” The ULTRA course, spanning 118 kilometers and featuring over 3,500 meters of altitude gain, is a true test of an athlete’s strength and determination. The race takes participants on a journey around the iconic Feldberg mountain, which, with its 1,492-meter peak, stands tall as the symbol of the Black Forest.

The uniqueness of the HERO Black Forest race lies in its inclusivity. Men and women, both professional athletes and amateurs, take on the ULTRA course, making it a challenge that transcends boundaries and brings together people of various backgrounds united by their love for mountain biking.

Discovering the Region: Dreisam-Valley and the Upper Black Forest

The race not only showcases the thrill of mountain biking but also provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the Black Forest. The route winds through the picturesque Dreisam-Valley and explores the rugged terrain of the Upper Black Forest. Riders encounter dense forests, serene valleys, and panoramic views that will leave them awestruck at every turn.

The region’s climate in July adds another layer of charm to the event. With summery warm temperatures reaching 30°C in the valleys on sunny days, participants can revel in the joy of outdoor sports. However, the Black Forest’s unpredictable weather means that cool breezes and low temperatures of around 10°C on the peaks can offer a refreshing contrast to the valley warmth.

More Than Just a Race: The ULTRA Bike Village

The HERO Black Forest race is not just about the competition; it’s a festive gathering of mountain biking enthusiasts. The ULTRA Bike Village is a hub of activity where participants, visitors, and even curious onlookers can explore a plethora of offerings from various companies in the bicycle and leisure industry. Here, you can find a diverse range of products, from cutting-edge biking gear to outdoor adventure essentials. It’s an opportunity for everyone to connect, share stories, and immerse themselves in the world of mountain biking culture.

HERO Global Series: Europe’s Premier Mountain Biking League

The HERO Global Series is a prestigious collection of three internationally acclaimed mountain bike races, each known for its challenging terrain, breathtaking scenery, and unique cultural experiences. These events attract elite riders from around the world and offer a thrilling platform for both professional and amateur mountain biking enthusiasts to showcase their skills and determination.  In addition to HERO Black Forest, the Series includes HERO Sudtirol Dolomites (Italy) and HERO National Park Switzerland.

In conclusion, the HERO Black Forest Germany Mountain Bike Race and Festive is a unique blend of athleticism, nature appreciation, and community spirit. It’s an event where the beauty of the Black Forest meets the determination of mountain bike enthusiasts, and where the thrill of the race is only matched by the warm embrace of the ULTRA Bike Village. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines adventure and festivity, mark your calendar for this iconic event in the heart of Germany’s Black Forest.


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