Power of Four

The Power of Four is a series of outdoor endurance events held in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, known for its challenging and diverse terrain. The Power of Four series comprises three main events: Power of Four Ski Mountaineering, Snowmass 50 MTB, and Power of Four Trail Run. Each event showcases the natural beauty and adventurous spirit of the Aspen Snowmass area, attracting athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

  1. Power of Four Ski Mountaineering: The Power of Four Ski Mountaineering event, in February,  is a thrilling race that combines skiing and mountaineering skills. Participants navigate through the four main peaks of Aspen Snowmass. Competitors ascend and descend the peaks using a combination of climbing skins, boot packs, and downhill skiing techniques. This demanding event tests participants’ endurance, technical abilities, and mountain navigation skills in a stunning alpine setting. The skimo event is also organized by Aspen Snowmass.
  2. Snowmass 50 MTB: The Snowmass 50 MTB, also organized by Aspen Snowmass, is a premier mountain biking race held in the Snowmass area. The course spans 50 miles (80 kilometers) and features a mix of challenging singletrack trails, rocky descents, and lung-busting climbs. Riders navigate through scenic forests, open meadows, and technical sections, showcasing the diverse terrain of the region. The race attracts both elite riders and passionate mountain biking enthusiasts, providing a thrilling and competitive experience for participants of all skill levels. The team here at Strambecco considers the event to be one of the Best Mountain Bike Events in the Rockies and Colorado.
  3. Power of Four Trail Run: The Power of Four Trail Run, also organized by Aspen Snowmass,is a grueling trail running race that covers approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) of rugged mountain terrain. The course traverses the four main peaks of Aspen Snowmass, following a mix of singletrack trails, steep ascents, and technical descents. Runners encounter challenging elevation gains and losses as they navigate through alpine meadows, dense forests, and rocky paths. The race presents a formidable test of endurance, strength, and mental fortitude, rewarding participants with breathtaking views and a true sense of accomplishment. Ranked by Strambecco as one of the best trail runs in the Rockies, it offers beauty and challenge on a perfect mix of singletrack and dirt roads.

These three events, collectively known as the Power of Four, offer athletes a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and challenges of Aspen Snowmass. From the snowy slopes of the ski mountaineering race to the adrenaline-fueled mountain biking and the demanding trail running course, participants are immersed in the natural splendor of the Colorado mountains while pushing their physical limits. The Power of Four series celebrates the spirit of outdoor adventure and provides an unforgettable experience for athletes and spectators alike.

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