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Power of Four Skimo 2024

February 8, 2025

skiers at Power of Four Skimo event
Last Updated February 18, 2024 – Note: 2025 event date and details are not yet confirmed

The Audi Power Of Four Skimo race takes place in beautiful Aspen, Colorado, and is one of the leading ski-mountaineering races in the western hemisphere.  The skimo event, organized by the Power of Four and Aspen Snowmass, is part of a Series which includes a mountain bike race as well as a trail running race race both under the Power of Four banner.

Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s ski country, the Audi Power of Four Race Series stands as a testament to human endurance, athleticism, and the undying spirit of mountain adventure. Offering a unique blend of grueling physical challenges and breathtaking alpine beauty, this winter event has quickly earned its reputation among the elite and recreational athletes alike. For those with a passion for ski mountaineering, this race promises an experience unlike any other.

What sets the Power of Four Skimo race is athletes are not just tasked with racing over one mountain, but across all four of Aspen Snowmass’s majestic peaks. Covering 24 miles with a jaw-dropping 10,000 vertical feet of climbs, this race is not for the faint of heart. For those still building their ski mountaineering muscles, the Power of Two, or the Recreation Division, offers a gentler albeit still challenging course. Utilizing the latter half of the Power of Four trail, it starts from the Aspen Highlands Base Village and covers some of the race’s iconic landmarks, including the Highland Bowl and Aspen Mountain.

Event & Course Info

The Power of Four Skimo race has to be done as a partner pair (groups of two), and racers will have to stick together throughout the course. Racers are required to have a beacon, shovel, probe, helmet, backpack, windshell, and a buff/neck gaiter, and a thorough gear check is mandatory before the race starts. The Power of Four (PO4) racers kick off at 6 am at Snowmass Base Village while the Power of Two (PO2) group starts at 8 am at Aspen Highlands Base Village. This year introduces a fresh twist with the finish line eagerly waiting at the base of the Silver Queen Gondola.

The PO4 is a demanding 24.8-mile course with a staggering 11,453 feet of elevation gain. The race takes participants through a diverse alpine terrain, making them climb and descend each of the four ski resorts in the Aspen/Snowmass area. This journey requires athletes to ascend Snowmass, traverse through the backcountry towards Buttermilk, reach the base of Aspen Highlands, ascend the iconic Highlands bowl, and eventually scale the backside of Aspen Mountain, also known as Ajax. The PO2 offers a relatively shorter route for those new to ski mountaineering, covering the second half of the main course, thus roughly halving the uphill stakes. It’s a great option for everybody getting into long ski tours or ski mountaineering in general.

While the race largely demands self-sufficiency, aid stations are strategically placed. PO4 course participants have two aid stations at their disposal, with the full station located at Highlands Base Village (approx. 8.5 mi) and a water station near the entrance to the Congo Trail (approx. 15.5 mi). PO2 course racers have a full aid station at the top of the Congo Trail.

The race has strict cut-off times to ensure the safety of all participants. This race is no joke, and the full power of four lengthened versions has to be done in pristine fitness to make the time cut-offs. There are three cut-offs for the Power of Four and two for the Power of Two. These are set at the Burnt Mountain Gate on Snowmass, Top of Congo Trail on Aspen Highlands, and the Midnight Mine Road.

With Skimo fastly growing in popularity in the Rockies in Colorado, the Power Of Four Skimo event has been at the forefront since the beginning. It attracts some of the fittest and most experienced skimo racers in the United States.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Aspen, Colorado, is a beautiful mountain resort town with many events annually and participants of the Power Of Four Skimo are highly encouraged to make a long weekend out of the event. There area wide range of hotel options depending on your budget including the Limelight HotelThe GantSt. Moritz Hotel, and the W. There are also plenty of vacation rentals to explore if you prefer a more home-like experience. Basalt and Carbondale are two towns close by that could also be explored for more accommodations options.

To celebrate a successful race, participants and supporters can try out several local restaurants in the area. Aspen boasts a culinary scene that beautifully marries its mountain heritage with upscale sophistication, offering a rich tapestry of gourmet eateries, rustic bistros, and innovative fusion restaurants that reflect the town’s blend of native tastes and global influences. The alpine resort town lures food enthusiasts with its array of seasonal farm-to-table dishes, decadent mountain comfort foods, and a plethora of international cuisines, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rockies. Bosq and Betula are fine dining options in the heart of Aspen’s downtown area, while Meat & Cheese and Spring Cafe are two of our personal favorites for a casual bite. Hickory House is known to have an excellent BBQ, local to Colorado, and is a few blocks from downtown.

Aspen and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley are a mecca for outdoor athletes participating in the event or supporting friends and family. The area is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, including breathtaking mountain vistas, alpine meadows, and serene forests. Favorite winter activities include hiking along the Rio Grande or up the old Smuggler Mine trail. Nordic skiing is also very popular with trail options at the public golf course, Owl Creek in Snowmass, up to the Maroon Bells, or for an extra special experience make a reservation at remote Pinecreek Cookhouse cross country ski there from the Ashcroft trailhead. Many of the nordic trails can also accommodate or have adjacent snowshoe tracks. Finally, if you want to enjoy alpine skiing and want to give your lungs a break from traveling uphill, enjoy shredding powder any one of the four mountains and enjoy on-mountain dining at favorites like Cloud 9, the Sundeck, and Bonnie’s.

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The Power Of Four Skimo is one of the headlining events in the Series and multi-sport athletes are strongly encouraged to and be sure to return in the summer/fall for the prestigious Snowmass 50 MTB which is one of the Best Mountain Bike Events in the Rockies and Colorado as well as the sister trail running event, Power of Four Trail Run known as one of the most beautiful and one of the Best Trail Running Events in the Rockies

Other top rated events that take place in the Aspen/Snowmass area throughout the year are the Aspen BackCountry Marathon and Heavy Half and Golden Leaf Half Marathon. Keep your eyes out for new Strambecco best in class road and gravel cycling events coming to the area.

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