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Pedaler’s Bash 2025

May 3, 2025

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Last updated May 11, 2024

The 2025 event date is not confirmed -- The Pedaler's Bash 2025 is an epic 44-mile endurance mountain bike race in world-famous Bentonville, Arkansas.  Rated by Strambecco as one of the best mountain bike events in the South-Central and Arkansas, the Pedaler's bash is well attended, with an all-inclusive mass start of 250 riders. There is a general category, single-speed, and junior category, which is streamlined as far as mountain bike racing goes. The Pedaler's Bash 2025, organized by Pedaler's Pub, blasts through a single world-class track and the scenic Ozark mountains on a 45-mile journey exploring the trail systems of Slaughter Pen, Bella Vista, Blowing Springs, and the famous Back 40. Suppose this is your first time learning about Bentonville, or you are unfamiliar with it. In that case, you should know that in the last 20 years, the town has been consistently developing top-of-the-line single-track mountain bike trail systems. Over the years, Bentonville has made a great name in the world of off-road riding as a premiere destination in the US and globally for mountain biking. While a mountain bike destination, there are not many races on the Bentonville trail systems that make the Pedalers bach sought after.

Event & Course Info

The Pedaler's Bash 2025 is the culmination of some of the best trails Bentonville offers in an endurance-length format. It is not an easy ride at 44 miles, with the challenge coming from 4,300 feet of climbing. The profile is a nice mix of mainly short and punchy climbs compared to some endurance races in the Rockies, which can have one or two long continuous climbs throughout the race. In comparison, new trail systems tend to have a nice mix of ups and downs, utilizing the land as best as possible.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Bentonville, Arkansas, is not only a vibrant hub of culture and commerce but also a destination brimming with diverse lodging options to suit every traveler's preference. For those seeking modern comfort with a brand you can trust, Four Points by Sheraton Bentonville is a reliable option. Conveniently located near popular attractions, this hotel offers contemporary rooms, excellent amenities, and the assurance of the Sheraton hospitality experience. If you prefer historic charm, The Inn at Carnall Hall, situated on the University of Arkansas campus, is a delightful choice. This restored inn exudes southern hospitality and provides a tranquil escape. Nature enthusiasts will find a haven at Hobbs State Park. Offering both primitive campsites and RV sites, this state park provides a picturesque setting along the shores of Beaver Lake. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Ozark Mountains, and enjoy hiking trails and water activities during your stay.

Bentonville, Arkansas, may be known for its cultural attractions and outdoor adventures, but it's also a burgeoning food destination with a diverse culinary scene. The Hive is a culinary gem that merges art with a farm-to-table dining experience. Executive Chef Matthew McClure crafts a menu highlighting locally sourced ingredients, creating dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. The restaurant's commitment to sustainability adds an extra layer to the dining experience. With a focus on wood-fired cooking, Oven & Tap brings a rustic charm to Bentonville's dining scene. The menu features a variety of dishes prepared in the restaurant's custom-built wood-burning oven. From handmade pastas to expertly crafted pizzas, Oven & Tap offers a warm and inviting space for food enthusiasts.

Bentonville, Arkansas, has emerged as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a myriad of activities amid its scenic landscapes. Venture into the nearby Ozark National Forest for a truly immersive outdoor experience. Hike through lush forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and revel in the natural beauty of this expansive wilderness. Outdoor enthusiasts can cast their lines in the clear waters of Beaver Lake, just a short drive from Bentonville. The lake is renowned for its fishing opportunities, offering a tranquil setting for anglers to enjoy the serenity of nature while trying their luck at catching bass, crappie, and other species.

Related Events

While Bentonville is undeniably a mountain biking mecca, the surrounding areas boast a vibrant cycling community with events catering to both mountain bike enthusiasts and gravel riders. Little Sugar MTB, organized by Life Time Events and Leadville Race Series, is an event that provides riders with an exciting trail experience just a pedal away from Bentonville. With varying levels of difficulty, it's an excellent opportunity for riders of all skill levels to explore the natural beauty and technical features of the Little Sugar trail system. Or venture into the Northwoods for the Gudrun MTB Festival, organized by Northwood Trails, an event that celebrates the spirit of mountain biking.

For gravel enthusiasts, the Big Sugar Classic, part of the Life Time Grand Prix Series, offers an exhilarating ride through the gravel roads of the Ozarks. With challenging terrains and breathtaking scenery, this event is a perfect blend of adventure and camaraderie for gravel riders seeking a memorable experience. The Highlands Gravel Classic, organized by UCI Gravel World Series and All Sports Productions, beckons riders to explore the scenic beauty of the Highlands region through challenging gravel routes. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Chinkapin Hollow provides a unique gravel riding experience. Cyclists can navigate through the hollows and ridges, experiencing the Ozarks in all its glory. Whether you're conquering mountain trails or tackling gravel roads, these events showcase the rich diversity of cycling opportunities in the greater Bentonville area. Get ready to pedal through scenic wonders and create lasting memories on the trails and gravel paths of Northwest Arkansas.


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