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Pedaler’s Bash

April 27, 2024 - April 28, 2024


The Pedaler’s Bash is an epic 44-miles endurance mountain bike race in world-famous Bentonville, Arkansas.  Rated by Strambecco as one of the best mountain bike events for 2023 in the Southeast, the Pedaler’s bash is well attended, with an all-inclusive mass start of 250 riders. There is a general category, single-speed, and junior category, which is streamlined as far as mountain bike racing goes. The Pedaler’s Bash blasts through single world-class track and the scenic Ozark mountains on a 45-mile journey exploring the trail systems of Slaughter Pen, Bella Vista, Blowing Springs, and the famous Back 40. Suppose this is your first time learning about Bentonville, or you are unfamiliar with it. In that case, you should know that in the last 20 years, the town has been consistently developing top-of-the-line single-track mountain bike trail systems. Over the years, Bentonville has made a great name in the world of off-road riding as a premiere destination in the US and globally for mountain biking. While a mountain bike destination, there are not many races on the Bentonville trail systems that make the Pedalers bach sought after.

The Pedaler’s Bash is the culmination of some of the best trails Bentonville offers in an endurance-length format. It is not an easy ride at 44 miles, with the challenge coming from 4,300 feet of climbing. The profile is a nice mix of mainly short and punchy climbs compared to some endurance races in the Rockies, which can have one or two long continuous climbs throughout the race. In comparison, new trail systems tend to have a nice mix of ups and down, utilizing the land as best as possible.

The Pedalers bash race showcases some of the best single-track in the United States in an epic, 45-mile endurance event that equates to a total showstopper and an event that should be on your to-do list!


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