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West Coast Gravl

May 7, 2023


Mudslinger Events presents West Coast Gravl as the second leg of the 11th Anniversary of the Oregon Triple Crown Series The first leg takes place the day prior.  The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic takes place on Saturday, May 6, with a start only a short distance away, making for an epic gravel weekend opportunity if you are game for two challenging back-to-back events.  Join gravel enthusiasts in Yachats, OR, to participate in either a Long Course or Short Course. The Long Course, Erik the Red Loop, is 57 miles and covers 6700 feet in elevation, which includes a ride along the Yachats River Road and a tricky 3-mile descent to the finish. The Short Course, Leif Erikson route, is 38 miles with a little over 3000 feet of climbing.  The terrain for these courses is new, and has not seen many bikes. Note there are aid stations along the way. Both courses start at the Florence Events Center, and riders can choose to change from Long Course to Short Course at Aid Station 1, where the course splits. There are multiple categories for registration and an award given to an overall Best Gravel Cyclist. Along with the Podium Awards, there is a big party after the ride to celebrate the new gravel ride.

Yachats is a small community with many places to dine along the coast and close to the water. Ona Restaurant & Lounge is open for fine dining; seafood is available at Luna Sea Fish House or casual dining at Beach Street Kitchen. Although many riders from the Triple Crown Series will stay in Waldport, OR for the weekend since it is close to both rides, there are also many places to stay in Yachats. See The Adobe Resort, The Drift Inn, or Beachcomber Cottages.

Mudslinger Events was formed by Michael Ripley, an enthusiastic mountain biker who grew up in Eugene, Oregon. The organization brings people together to explore the gorgeous outdoor areas of Oregon. West Coast Gravel is part of the Triple Crown Series which includes several events from April to July: Oregon Coast Gravel Epic, West Coast Gravel, Oregon Gran Fondo, Sasquatch Duro, and Takelma Gravel Grinder. People interested in participating can register for each event separately or benefit from the OTC Series Pass, which includes price discounts, bike accessories, and prizes associated with the timed-event awards.

Mudslinger also produces the Oregon XC Series, six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September.  The Oregon XC Series includes Mudslinger XC, Sisters Stampede, Oregon 24/12, High Cascades 100, and Ring of Fire.   

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