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Mudslinger XC

April 1, 2023


The 36th annual Mudslinger XC is one of the Northwest’s oldest running mountain bike races. The annual kick-off event to the Oregon XC Series includes six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September. Having been run since 1987, the Mudslinger brings back a vintage atmosphere to Mountain Biking and cross-country racing. Hundreds of riders from all over Oregon and the greater Northwest culminate in Blodgett, Oregon, for a season starter at the start of April.  Mudslinger XC is produced by Mudslinger Events, known in the Northwest for its full roster of premiere mountain biking, gravel, and a mix of service events.

There are two route options for the XC race: the Short Loop at 10 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing and the Long Loop with 17 miles and 2,766 feet of climbing. Much has changed in the 40-odd years of the race’s existence, with broth courses exploring the Pacific Northwest logging heritage with fantastic old school logging roads with 30% single track. The race organizers recommended a beefy front tire because every year, the rain percentage for the race is 40%.  There is a full spread of event categories ranging from ranked categories (cat 1-4) to the usual suspect “fun” categories such as single speed and fat tire. 

Mudslinger Events was formed by Michael Ripley, an enthusiastic mountain biker who grew up in Eugene, Oregon. The organization brings people together to explore the gorgeous outdoor areas of Oregon.  Having been run since 1987, Mudslinger Events brings back a vintage atmosphere to Mountain Biking and cross-country racing. They organize some of the best mountain bike and gravel race events in the United States in the Northwest. The full Oregon XC Series includes Mudslinger XC, Sisters Stampede, Oregon 24/12, High Cascades 100,  Ring of Fire, and several other events.

Mudslinger also produces the Oregon Triple Crown Series,  a series of 5 premiere gravel and mixes surface events: Oregon Coast Gravel Epic, West Coast Gravel, Oregon Gran Fondo, Sasquatch Duro, and Takelma Gravel Grinder. People interested in participating can register for each event separately or benefit from the OTC Series Pass, which includes price discounts, bike accessories, and prizes associated with the timed-event awards.


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