Mudslinger XC

Blodgett, Oregon 35177 Tum Tum Rd, Blodgett, OR

The 36th annual Mudslinger XC is one of the Northwest's oldest running mountain bike races. The annual kick-off event to the Oregon XC Series includes six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September. Having been run since 1987, the Mudslinger brings back a vintage atmosphere to Mountain Biking and cross-country racing. Hundreds of riders from…


Sisters Stampede

Sisters, OR 413 W Hood Avenue, Sisters, OR

Sisters Stampede is a traditional event over Memorial Day weekend presented by Mudslinger Events and the second leg in the Oregon XC Series, six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September.  It is available for 500 registrants to ride the Peterson Ridge Trail System.   There is a Long Course option that is 27 miles…


Oregon 24/12

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR

An overnight ride in MTB mecca Bend, Oregon, allows participants to ride a full 24 or 12 hours through the night. The laps are 11 miles long with 900 feet of elevation, including single-track and double-track. Registration has many options to ride alone or build teams of up to 10 people. Teams can also have…


High Cascades 100

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR

The 15th annual High Cascade 100 is a classic endurance mountain Bike race in the mountain mecca of Bend, Oregon. The race is produced by Mudslinger Events and is part of the Oregon XC Series, six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September.  The Cascade 100 is Mudslinger's pinnacle-MTB event at 100 miles and just…


Ring Of Fire

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR

Ring of Fire debuted in 2021 to rave reviews, was canceled in 2022 due to regional fires, but returns in 2023.  The name "Ring of Fire" refers to the Cascade Mountains and the volcanoes which are part of the 25,000-mile volcanic region of the Pacific Ocean basin.  The event takes place at Wanoga Snow Park…