Oregon XC Series

The Oregon XC Series is a highly regarded mountain bike event series that takes place in the scenic state of Oregon. Known for its challenging courses and breathtaking landscapes, the Oregon XC Series attracts both professional and amateur riders from across the country. Strambecco provides full profiles on each of the events, and they are staples in our review of the Best MTB Events in the Northwest.  Here’s a brief overview of each event in the Oregon XC Series:

  1. Mudslinger XC is one of the signature events in the Oregon XC Series. Held near Corvallis, this race takes place in the early spring, offering riders a true test of skill and endurance in muddy and challenging conditions. With technical singletrack sections, steep climbs, and thrilling descents, participants must navigate through the unpredictable terrain to emerge victorious.
  2. Sisters Stampede is a thrilling XC race that showcases the stunning beauty of the Sisters area in Oregon. The course winds through scenic forests and meadows, offering a mix of flowing singletrack, rocky sections, and fast descents. Riders will encounter both technical challenges and breathtaking views as they push themselves to the limit in this exhilarating event.
  3. Oregon 24/12 is a unique endurance race that challenges riders to push their limits over a grueling 24 or 12-hour period. The event takes place in Bend, Oregon, and features a looped course that combines diverse terrain, including rocky sections, climbs, and fast descents. Riders must strategize their pacing and endurance to complete as many laps as possible within the allotted time, making it an ultimate test of physical and mental stamina.
  4. High Cascades 100 is a legendary endurance race that takes riders on a challenging 100-mile journey through the stunning trails of Bend and the surrounding Cascade Mountains. This race demands both technical skill and physical endurance as riders face long climbs, technical descents, and varying trail conditions. The breathtaking views and epic challenges make this event a favorite among experienced mountain bikers.
  5. Alsea Falls XC race showcases the beautiful Alsea Falls Recreation Area, located near Corvallis. The course features a mix of flowing singletrack, technical climbs, and thrilling descents, allowing riders to test their skills on a variety of terrain. With lush forests and cascading waterfalls as a backdrop, this event offers a memorable mountain biking experience for participants.
  6. Ring of Fire is an exhilarating XC race held in the Oakridge area of Oregon. This event presents riders with a demanding course that encompasses steep climbs, fast descents, and technical sections. Known for its challenging and rugged trails, the Ring of Fire tests riders’ technical skills and endurance, providing a true adventure for participants.

Each event in the Oregon XC Series offers a unique and thrilling experience, combining the beauty of Oregon’s landscapes with the exhilaration of mountain biking. Each event in the series is produced by Mudslinger Events, a premier producer of MTB, Road, and Gravel Events, primarily in Oregon.  Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a passionate enthusiast, these events provide the perfect platform to challenge yourself and celebrate the sport.  Mudslinger also produces the Oregon Triple Crown Series, a series of five gravel events running annually between May and July.

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Sisters Stampede 2024

Sisters, Oregon 413 W Hood Avenue, Sisters, OR, United States

Last Updated May 8, 2024 Sisters Stampede is a traditional event over Memorial Day weekend presented by Mudslinger Events and the fifth leg in the Oregon XC Series, six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September.  The team here at Strambecco considers this event to be one of the Best Mountain Bike Events in…

High Cascades 100 2024

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR, United States

Updated April 1, 2024 The 15th annual High Cascades 100 is a classic endurance mountain Bike race in the mountain mecca of Bend, Oregon. The race is produced by Mudslinger Events and is part of the Oregon XC Series, six premier Oregon MTB events spanning April to September as well as a stop of the National…

Ring Of Fire 2024

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR, United States

Last Updated April 2, 2024 Ring of Fire debuted in 2021 to rave reviews, was canceled in 2022 due to regional fires, but returns in 2023.  The name "Ring of Fire" refers to the Cascade Mountains and the volcanoes which are part of the 25,000-mile volcanic region of the Pacific Ocean basin.  The event offers…

Mudslinger XC 2025

Blodgett, Oregon 35177 Tum Tum Rd, Blodgett, OR, United States

The 38th annual Mudslinger XC 2025 is one of the Northwest's oldest running mountain bike races and is the second event in the annual Oregon XC Series, which includes six premier Oregon MTB events spanning March to September. Since 1987, the Mudslinger XC has been a fixture in the mountain biking calendar, and the 2024…