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Wasatch Front 100

September 8 - September 9


One of the most uniquely challenging ultrarunning events in the world, a prestigious 100 Mile Endurance Run that is the culminating event in the Grand Slam of Ultra-Running series.   It is held in Utah the first Friday and Saturday after Labor Day each year.  The run stretches from East Mountain Wilderness Park, Utah, to Soldier Hollow, Utah, and covers some of the most beautiful scenery the Wasatch Mountains offer. There is a cumulative gain of approximately 24,000 feet and a cumulative loss of approximately 23,300 feet throughout the course. This is a premier run that will test the endurance of any runner.  The course is a study in contrasts: peaks and valleys; trail and scree; heat and cold; wet and dry; summer and winter; day and night; Desolation Lake and Point Supreme.  The primitive and isolated nature of the course is both its beauty and its challenge, for it requires the individual runner to rely primarily on himself or herself rather than the Race’s support systems. Wasatch is not just distance and speed; it is adversity, adaptation, and perseverance.

The Wasatch 100 is a point-to-point run that traverses the heart of the central Wasatch Mountains, one of the most beautiful ranges of the Rocky Mountains. The course begins in Kaysville, Utah, at East Mountain Wilderness Park, running south to the mouth of Bair Canyon at the foot of Francis Peak, and ascends nearly 4,200 feet in 4.4 miles to the ridge line above. The trail then turns south and follows the crest of the Wasatch range past Francis Peak, through Farmington Flats and Arthur’s Fork, along Sessions Ridge, over City Creek Pass, Big Mountain Pass, and Bald Mountain, through Parley’s, Lamb’s, and Mill Creek Canyons, then past Desolation Lake and along the Wasatch Crest trail, through Big Cottonwood and American Fork Canyons, and up to Pole Line Pass and Baker Pass. After leaving Baker Pass, then goes around Mill Creek Peak through the “Glide” and the “Plunge” and down to the Pot Hollow Canyon trailhead. The course then climbs to join the OHV dirt road known as Cummings Parkway, along the mountain ridge above Heber Valley, and heads south to the Cascade Springs Road until reaching the head of Decker Canyon. Runners descend through Decker Canyon to its mouth at the Deer Creek Reservoir Trail, which leads to the finish at the Pavilion at Soldier Hollow in Wasatch Mountain State Park, Utah.

The course follows footpaths, game trails, and dirt roads, with a few short stretches of pavement, at altitudes from 5,000 to 10,480 feet. While much of the course follows well-defined trails, there are stretches of sagebrush, scree, waist-high grass, and fist-sized cobblestones. Runners have encountered deer, elk, moose, porcupines, rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions, sheep, and sheepherders.

Entry requires a lottery.  The application period begins December 1st and typically ends in the first week of the following January. Typically the lottery is held on the last Saturday in January.

The Wasatch Front 100 is the final race of the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, a series of five races representing the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile races contested in the US.  The series includes the Old Dominion 100 in Virginia,  Western States 100 in California, the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run,  Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado, and the Wasatch Front.  To be eligible for the award, participants must officially complete three of the four first Grand Slam Series races and then complete the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, all in the same summer. The Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run is the series’ final race and is mandatory. You must apply for all the races you plan to run during their open registration period. This includes the Wasatch 100.



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