Lula Lake 5 Points 50/25

Taking place in the backdrop of the beautiful Tennesee mountains, the Lula Lake 5 points is a peak south-central American mountain bike endurance race. The racecourse is held at none other than the renowned Five Points mountain bike trail system, which has become a popular mountain bike destination known for its beauty and spectacular singletrack. While formerly being a sole endurance race with only a 50-mile option, 2021 brings a half-length, 25-mile version making it a great addition in being able to include more riders than ever. The event is organized and run by Roost Racing, and the last time the Lula Lake 50 happened pre-covid in 2019, there were nearly 250 riders making it one of Tennessee’s most popular races on wheels. The 50-mile course boasts nearly 5,000 feet of elevation gain, and the 25-mile route variant covers much of the same terrain and holds around 2,700 feet of climbing. Besides the suffering that will likely take place if you attend, there are some good perks at this well-stocked event, including multiple aid stations, a free t-shirt, post-race drinks, and a meal, as well as free camping that weekend close to the racecourse. The Lula Lake 5 points 50/25 is an extremely well-attended endurance mountain bike race on top-notch trails mixed with stunning scenery and tremendous organization, making it one of Tennessee’s best Mountain Bike events.

Austin Rattler Run

Hosted at the Reveille Peak Ranch in Austin, TX this course features a challenging and fun combination of terrain with gorgeous views of the Texas Hill Country. Offering 10k, 33k, or 66k race options focused around a 33k course, you can complete the 33k loop twice to qualify for the Leadville Trail 100 Run presented by La Sportiva. The coveted Leadville Qualifying badge makes this run special having the opportunity to compete for a highly wanted spot in the famous Leadville race. the The 33k loop includes some awesome singletrack sections, open fire roads, and granite shelves with enough technicality and variation to keep things interesting.  The course is nothing ordinary with the course taking place on a stunning 1,300 acre Reveille Peak Ranch with well-stocked aid stations occurring every 10 miles. It would not be an event in Austin without some well-earned fun post-race so there is live music, BBQ, and beer all taking place lakeside.