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Colorado’s Ride

August 27, 2024 - September 1, 2024

Rocky Mountain landscape near Durango

Colorado’s Ride showcases one of the most scenic areas of Colorado through the lens of two amazing overnight towns, Durango and Pagosa Springs. Add in visits to Silverton, the beautiful country in La Plata and Archuleta counties, and amazing views from Wolf Creek Pass you will experience some of the best of the San Juan region.  Strambecco rates the event as one of the Best Road Cycling events in Colorado and the Rockies.

By minimizing transfers and maximizing community engagement with local attractions, residents, and businesses, you will have more time to relax and spend less time packing and unpacking, and hurrying to the next ride. This equals fewer logistics and more cycling!

You will enjoy five days of weekday cycling that hopefully offers quieter roads and provides a safer experience. You may want non-cycling friends and family to join you on the weekend before or after and extend your visit. We will lower the impact on the local community and utilize facilities and hotels at less demanding times. Riders will have three nights in Durango and two in Pagosa Springs.

Official tent camping facilities will be available for those not staying in hotels. Campers at the Durango Fairgrounds will have access to the Durango Recreation Center. In Pagosa Springs, campers will stay on the Hot Springs property and have 24-hour access to the hot springs with full shower facilities and other spa amenities. To use these, you must register to camp (with a fee), and please note camping services for purchase through Summit Cycle Solutions do not include the camping fee.

The daily rides are designed to be challenging and fun but not consume an entire day. You can see each route below.  Total mileage over five days is 303 with total elevation gain and nearly 23,000 feet of elevation gain, all at altitude. The event operator Summit Cycles has partnered with local businesses to offer riders activities beyond cycling. They strive to partner with local permitting, law enforcement agencies, and overarching entities such as CDOT, CSP, and any other jurisdiction to partner and provide the safest, most fun, and most sustainable event possible.

Having a small impact on the environment is very important to Summit Cycles. Maintaining a low carbon footprint and creating an atmosphere to minimally impact town activities and the normal lives of residents and other tourists. Riders can expect innovative route amenities such as day bag support for aid stations, mobile portal-let services, and rolling venue logistics.

Summit Cycles produces some of the finest cycling events in Colorado and the Rockies, including Triple Bypass, Ride the Rockies, Wild Horse Gravel, and Colorado’s Ride.


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