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Graean Cymru (Gravel Wales) 2024

September 22

Riders on gravel road in North Wales

A Premier Gravel Cycling Event in Wales, Graean Cymru (Gravel Wales) 2024, part of the prestigious UCI Gravel World Series, offers a unique and challenging gravel cycling experience in the scenic landscapes of North Wales. This event celebrates gravel biking and qualifies for the 2024 UCI Gravel World Championships in Belgium, making it a critical event for competitive cyclists aiming for global recognition.

Graen Cymru (Gravel Wales) 2024 – Course Information & Route Profile

Graen Cymru (Gravel Wales) 2024 starts on the serene shores of Llyn Brenig; the course immediately offers riders a taste of the stunning Welsh countryside. The route comprises a 113km journey, combining smooth gravel paths, rugged backroads, and technical off-road sections, ensuring a diverse and challenging ride. The race loops around the reservoir and then heads into the Clocaenog Forest, known for its punchy climbs and fast-flowing gravel sections, before returning to Llyn Brenig for a dramatic 1km finish straight along the reservoir—one of the most picturesque finishes in the series.​  With an elevation gain of 2071 meters, the route promises significant climbing, requiring both endurance and technical skills. The terrain varies widely from pristine gravel to broken, rocky paths, demanding a versatile set-up. Organizers recommend a minimum of 42mm all-rounder tires to navigate the mixed surfaces effectively.  The course design offers multiple vantage points for fans and supporters to see the riders. Certain sections of the route use both sides of the road, which enhances the spectator experience and adds a strategic element to the race as competitors navigate these dual passages.

About UCI Gravel World Series

The UCI Gravel World Series is an exhilarating global cycling competition endorsed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), designed specifically for gravel biking enthusiasts. This series is part of the broader expansion of UCI’s cycling disciplines, catering to the growing popularity of gravel cycling—a blend of road and off-road racing on various unpaved surfaces. The series includes multiple events held in diverse locations worldwide, offering amateur and professional cyclists the chance to compete in challenging terrains and scenic routes.

The UCI Gravel, World Series participants, compete in various races throughout the year, and top performers can qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships. The series highlights the competitive aspect of gravel biking and emphasizes the spirit of adventure and community prevalent in gravel cycling culture. The races take cyclists through some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes, testing their endurance, skill, and resilience.

This series aligns with the UCI’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in cycling. It provides a platform for a wide range of cyclists to showcase their talents internationally and promotes gravel cycling as a welcoming and accessible sport for all.

About Glorious Gravel

Glorious Gravel produces the event and is a leading event producer specializing in off-road cycling adventures across the UK and internationally. They organize various gravel cycling events, from scenic rides through the British countryside to multi-stage international gravel rides. Their events cater to all levels of cyclists and emphasize inclusivity, adventure, and community. Glorious Gravel is known for its well-organized routes, vibrant participant culture, and a strong focus on providing a memorable cycling experience, with supportive services like fully sign-posted routes, mechanical assistance, and well-stocked feed stations. You can explore their events and ethos more on Glorious Gravel’s website.

 About Denbighshire Wales

The event is a point of pride for Denbighshire. In the heart of North Wales, Denbighshire is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists looking to immerse themselves in the region’s stunning natural beauty and rugged landscapes. This picturesque county boasts a variety of terrains, from rolling hills to dramatic valleys, making it an ideal destination for cycling events like the Graean Cymru.

For cyclists, Denbighshire offers challenging routes that traverse through historic towns, alongside tranquil rivers, and up formidable climbs that reward with breathtaking views. The area is crisscrossed with a network of trails and paths, including sections of the National Cycle Network, providing ample opportunities for road cyclists and mountain bikers.

The county’s diverse landscapes also cater to various other outdoor activities. Hikers and walkers can explore the scenic Clwydian Range, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which features extensive walking paths that offer panoramic views across the Welsh countryside. The proximity to areas like the Horseshoe Pass also offers adventurous routes for more experienced cyclists and hikers seeking a challenge.

Moreover, Denbighshire’s rich history and culture add another layer of depth to visits. Historical sites like the medieval Denbigh Castle provide a glimpse into the past and a unique backdrop for exploring on foot or by bike.

Overall, Denbighshire is not just a destination but an experience, blending outdoor adventure with cultural heritage, all set within some of the most spectacular landscapes in Wales. Whether you’re pushing pedals over hills or enjoying a leisurely ride down country lanes, the county promises memorable adventures in the great outdoors.

In summary, the Graean Cymru is more than just a race; it’s a showcase of the rugged beauty of North Wales and the spirit of the gravel cycling community. Whether competing for a spot in the World Championships or enjoying the camaraderie and challenge of gravel riding, participants in the Graean Cymru can expect a memorable and rewarding experience.


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