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Mohican MTB 100 2024

May 18

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Last Updated April 30, 2024

The Mohican MTB 100 is one of the best endurance mountain bike races and events in the United States and is part of the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE). At Strambecco, we consider the Mohican MTB 100 to be one of the Best Mountain Bike Race Events in the Midwest. Taking place in Northeastern Ohio, the  riders of the headlining event will crisscross three counties along a single loop, climb 10,000 feet, and go toe to toe with the top pros on this legendary ultra-endurance loop. One participant shared, “This was my first Mohican 100k. It was amazing. I have completed several Ironman, dozens half Ironman and American TTT. Hands down the most mentally and physically thing I have ever done. The course came at you the whole time. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Below you will find information on course details, lodging, dining, and other outdoor activities to do while in town for Mohican MTB 100. 

Event & Course Info

The Mohican MTB 100 features a 100-mile, 100-kilometer, and 50km option with seven fully stocked aid stations. For the course itself and the different race options, there is a 100 miles or 100k loop consisting of 10,000 feet of climbing along mostly singletrack, doubletrack or dirt roads, spanning four counties careening through some of the most remote and scenic areas in the rolling hills of Mohican Country. Climbs of nearly a mile, elevation gains of 300+ feet, rock gardens, streams, and more! The 100-mile course is planned to include manned feed stations and a self-serve water stop in addition to seven fully stocked aid stations. 100-mile competitors will choose to send drop bags (labeled 1 Gallon Ziplock bag or Hydrapak) to two aid stations of their choice. Aid station one and 3.5 is excluded for drop bags.

The race begins in downtown Loudonville, OH which is located within the broader Mohican area.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Where to Stay in Loudonville

This part of Ohio caters well to those who enjoy the great outdoors and is known as the camping and canoeing capital of the state. Recommended lodging for the Mohican MTB 100 is at Mohican Adventures located 1 mile from downtown and offers camping and cabins, as well as Mohican Lodge & Conference Center, Mohican Cabins, The Blackfork Inn B&B, Landoll’s Mohican Castle, Mohican Outdoor School, Little Brown Inn, and Wishmaker House. If you prefer a more home-like experience, check out some of the area vacation rentals or one-of-a-kind camping locations if you enjoy sleeping under the stars.

Dining in Loudonville

Loudonville, Ohio, offers a quaint and cozy culinary scene, characterized by a selection of charming local eateries and cafes. These spots often highlight homemade, traditional American dishes, perfect for enjoying in the town’s laid-back, small-town atmosphere. Local favorites include Black Fork Bistro, Mohican Market & Cafe, and Stella’s Ice Cream Shoppe and Coffee House.

Outdoor Activities around Loudonville

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Loudonville offers a blend of scenic beauty and thrilling outdoor activities, making it a perfect destination for adventurers and nature lovers. As the weather warms in May, the area becomes a vibrant playground for outdoor athletes. The Mohican River, winding through the lush landscapes of Loudonville, is an idyllic setting for water sports enthusiasts. In May, when the water levels are just right, the river offers excellent conditions for both canoeing and kayaking. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle or an exciting venture through mild rapids, the Mohican provides a refreshing escape with plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Mohican State Park presents a variety of hiking trails that cater to all skill levels. One of the highlights is the Lyons Falls Trail, a moderate hike that takes adventurers through dense woodlands to stunning waterfalls. The trail’s path allows you to immerse yourself in the budding spring flora and the soothing sounds of cascading waters, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustle of everyday life.

Loudonville is also a hotspot for bird watching, particularly at the Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area. This unique habitat, located just a short drive from the town center, is home to a diverse array of bird species. Outdoor athletes with a passion for nature and photography, or those just looking to balance out their intense day of biking, can enjoy a quiet day observing and capturing images of everything from waterfowls to rare songbirds in their natural environment.

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The Mohican MTB 100 is part of the National Ultra Endurance Series. The National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) is a race series that has some of the best endurance mountain bike races in the United States. It comprises an Epic Series, 100-mile events, and a Marathon series, which includes 50-mile and 75k length events.

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