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Old Man Winter Rally 2025

February 2, 2025

gravel cyclists at old man winter rally
Last Updated July 2, 2024

For any trail running enthusiast looking for a winter adventure, the Old Man Winter Rally is an event organized by Adventure Fit that should be high on your list. Set against the stunning backdrop of Lyons, Colorado, this endurance festival offers mixed-terrain adventures for all levels of runners and riders. Scheduled for February, this event promises a unique combination of challenging courses, a vibrant community atmosphere, and rewarding experiences that cater to competitive athletes and recreational participants alike. Strambecco rates Old Man Winter Rally as one of the Best Gravel Cycling Race Events in the Rocky Mountains region and one of the Best Gravel Cycling Race Events in Colorado.

What sets the Old Man Winter Rally apart is its inclusive nature, welcoming runners and cyclists of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner, a gravel grinder, or a weekend warrior, you'll find a category that suits your abilities and ambitions. In addition to the physical challenge, participants will enjoy live music, bonfires, food vendors, and a lively post-race party, making it a memorable winter festival for everyone involved.

Below you will find information on course details, lodging, dining, and other outdoor activities to do while in town for Old Man Winter Rally.

Event & Course Info

The Old Man Winter Bike Rally & Run is primarily a mixed-terrain cycling event held in the picturesque town of Lyons, Colorado. Designed for cyclists of all levels, the rally features two main cycling events: a challenging 100K ride and a more moderate 50K ride. Both courses showcase the stunning landscapes of the region, incorporating dirt trails, gravel roads, and scenic routes that highlight the beauty and rugged terrain of Colorado.

100K Bike Ride

  • Distance: 100 kilometers (62 miles)
  • Start Time: 10:00 am
  • Elevation Gain: Approximately 4,000 feet
  • Route Profile: The 100K course is designed for seasoned cyclists seeking a substantial challenge. Riders will navigate through a variety of terrains, including gravel paths and hilly sections that demand strong climbing skills and endurance. Key highlights include the ascent up CO Rd 83 and the Rowena trail, offering breathtaking views and tough climbs. Aid stations will be strategically placed every 20 kilometers, providing water, electrolytes, and mechanical support.
  • Cutoff Time: Riders must complete the course within 6 hours to be eligible for awards.
  • Support: The event will have several SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles and technical support stations along the route to assist with any mechanical issues.

50K Bike Ride

  • Distance: 50 kilometers (31 miles)
  • Start Time: 12:00 pm
  • Elevation Gain: Approximately 2,000 feet
  • Route Profile: The 50K course is ideal for intermediate riders or those new to mixed terrain cycling. The route includes rolling hills and scenic sections, with fewer steep climbs compared to the 100K course. Riders will enjoy a mix of gravel and dirt paths, with aid stations set up every 15 kilometers to provide refreshments and basic mechanical support.
  • Cutoff Time: Riders must complete the course within 4 hours to be eligible for awards.
  • Support: Similar to the 100K, the 50K route will be supported by SAG vehicles and technical assistance.

Participants in both the 100K and 50K rides are eligible for a prize purse and unique “Snowflake” prizes. The top five finishers in each category (Male, Female, Non-Binary) will share a $3000 prize purse for the 100K ride and receive product/gift-card prizes for the 50K ride. Additionally, cyclists can collect “Snowflakes” along the route for guaranteed prizes, ranging from water bottles to high-value items like custom bike frames.

The awards ceremony will take place at 3:30 pm for both the 100K and 50K rides, followed by live music and other festivities. The event will feature bonfires, food vendors, and a vibrant atmosphere, making the post-race celebration an integral part of the Old Man Winter experience.

In addition to the cycling events, the Old Man Winter Rally also includes trail running races—a 10K and a 5K—both starting from Bohn Park. These runs offer scenic routes with varying degrees of difficulty and are supported with aid stations and medical assistance. The day also includes a fun kids' kick-bike race and various family-friendly activities, ensuring an enjoyable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Where to Stay in Lyons

If you're traveling in from out of town for Old Man Winter Rally, your best bet for lodging is to book a vacation rental as the in-town options are limited to the A-Lodge, WeeCasa Tiny Home Resort, or camping at LaVern Johnson Park. There are also some amazing unique camping experiences in the area. If you are a hotel person, it's recommended you stay in one of the nearby towns of Boulder (25 min), Estes Park and RMNP (30min), or Longmont (20min).

Dining in Lyons

Lyons, CO, and the surrounding area boast a vibrant culinary scene, featuring farm-to-table restaurants, eclectic cafes, and craft breweries that highlight locally sourced ingredients and creative dishes. The diverse dining options reflect the region's community-focused spirit and commitment to sustainable, delicious cuisine. Local favorites include Marigold, Moxie Bread Co., and Mojo Taqueria.

Outdoor Activities around Lyons

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Lyons, Colorado, transforms into a winter wonderland in February, offering a host of activities for outdoor athletes seeking adventure. One of the top activities to enjoy is hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing in the nearby Hall Ranch Open Space. This area provides extensive trails that meander through stunning landscapes, featuring rugged rock formations and expansive meadows blanketed in snow. The Bitterbrush Trail is particularly popular, offering a moderate challenge with its 7.7-mile loop and rewarding athletes with panoramic views of the St. Vrain Valley. Recreating here not only offers a rigorous workout but also the opportunity to experience the serene beauty of a winter landscape.

Heil Valley Ranch is another excellent option for winter sports enthusiasts. This extensive open space, located just a short drive from Lyons, features miles of trails perfect for both novice and experienced athletes. The Ponderosa Loop is a favorite, providing a 5.2-mile round trip of trails that wind through ponderosa pine forests and open meadows. The undulating terrain offers a good mix of gentle slopes and more challenging sections, making it an ideal spot for a full-body workout in the crisp mountain air.

For those who prefer more vertical challenges, ice climbing in the St. Vrain Canyon offers an exhilarating experience. This canyon, with its numerous frozen waterfalls, becomes a prime location for ice climbing in February. One popular spot is the Hidden Falls, a beginner-friendly ice climbing route that offers a 40-foot vertical ascent. More experienced climbers can tackle the 100-foot pitch of the St. Vrain Falls, which provides a more demanding climb. Climbers need to ensure they have the appropriate gear, including ice axes, crampons, and helmets, and should consider hiring a local guide for safety and expertise. The frozen waterfalls and icy terrain present both a physical and mental challenge, making it a thrilling adventure for seasoned athletes.

We would be remiss to not mention that Lyons is very close to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder which both offer endless options of activities for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts. In addition, Eldora Mountain Resort is within a 1 hour drive from Lyons offering downhill skiing, uphill skinning, and nordic skiing.

Lyons, CO, in February, is a paradise for outdoor athletes looking to embrace winter sports. Whether it's snowshoeing through the scenic Hall Ranch, cross-country skiing in Heil Valley Ranch, or ice climbing in the St. Vrain Canyon, Lyons offers a variety of activities that cater to different skill levels and preferences. These outdoor pursuits highlight the rugged beauty and adventurous spirit of this charming mountain town, providing unforgettable experiences for athletes amidst the stunning winter landscapes.

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