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Whiskey Off-Road 2025

April 25, 2025 - April 27, 2025

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Prescott, Arizona, the Whiskey Off-Road 2025 stands out as a must-attend event for mountain biking enthusiasts. The event kicks off on the historical Whiskey Row, offering a blend of the area's rich Wild West heritage and a modern appreciation for outdoor adventures. Over three days, participants are immersed in an atmosphere buzzing with mountain bike culture, surrounded by fellow biking aficionados. The team at Strambecco considers it to be one of the best MTB events in the Southwest, let alone Arizona.

Produced by Epic Rides, what sets the Whiskey Off-Road apart is its challenging and varied terrain across three-course options. Riders traverse a mix of singletrack, double track, gravel roads, and occasional paved segments, all while soaking in the breathtaking views of Prescott National Forest. This event isn't just a race; it's an experience with a high 94% finish rate.

Event & Course Info

The Whiskey Off-Road presents a variety of route options to cater to different skill levels and preferences:

50 Proof Course -  For the more adventurous and experienced riders, the 50 Proof courses offer a significant challenge. This route extends nearly 50 miles, with a daunting 6,523 feet of elevation gain. The race begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, with the same cutoff time set at 1:20 pm at the White Rock Trailhead Parking Lot, ensuring rider safety and event efficiency.

25 Proof Course - Catering to various age and skill categories, the 25 Proof courses cover 25.8 miles with an elevation gain of 2,814 feet. Riders start on Saturday at 9:15 am from Whiskey Row. The cutoff time is set at the same time and location as the 50 Proof.

15 Proof Fun Ride - Designed as an introductory course, the 15 Proof Fun Ride spans 19.6 miles with an elevation gain of 1,980 feet. This ride starts on Friday at 2:00 pm, with support ending at 6:00 pm. It's a perfect choice for those new to the event or seeking a less strenuous experience.

The event is well-equipped with aid stations, spaced approximately every 1 to 1.5 hours of riding effort. These stations are stocked with Hammer Nutrition products, snacks, and hydration essentials. Support crews are permitted to provide hand-ups at designated locations, ensuring riders are well-assisted throughout their journey.

The Whiskey Off-Road isn't just about the race; it's a celebration of mountain biking culture. The event features a community concert, enriching the atmosphere with music and mellow vibes. A beer garden, sponsored by local breweries, offers a perfect spot for relaxation. Additionally, professional riders compete for a $30,000 cash purse, equally divided between male and female categories, adding a competitive edge to the event. Top finishers in various categories receive custom Whiskey Off-Road flasks and other awards, including stainless steel water bottles and products from industry sponsors.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Recommended lodging options for participants of the Whiskey Off-Road that are convenient and bike-friendly include The Springhill Suites, the Hassayampa Inn, and the Forest Villas Hotel. For those who prefer a more home-like experience, there are many vacation rentals in the area to suit a variety of needs, from converted general stores to homes. If you enjoy camping, White Spar Campground and Prescott National Forest are located 3 miles from downtown Prescott, while Lynx Lake is a little further but still a convenient option.

The culinary scene in Prescott, AZ, is a vibrant mix of Southwestern flavors and contemporary cuisine, with a variety of dining options ranging from cozy cafes and classic diners to upscale restaurants offering locally sourced, innovative dishes. This diverse food landscape is complemented by a selection of craft breweries and charming wine bars, reflecting the town's blend of historic charm and modern culinary trends. Local favorites include Raven Cafe, Wildflower, and BigA.

From the thrilling mountain biking trails to serene hiking paths and the exhilarating rock climbing opportunities, Prescott offers a diverse range of activities to satisfy the adventurous spirit. For mountain biking enthusiasts, the Granite Basin Trail is a must-visit. Nestled in the Granite Basin Recreation Area, this trail offers a mix of challenging and scenic routes. In April, the trail is especially inviting, with wildflowers blooming and comfortable temperatures. Riders can explore various loops ranging from easy to difficult, with the main loop being about 5 miles long and offering a moderate challenge with minimal elevation gain. The trail winds through a landscape dotted with granite boulders and lush vegetation, providing a perfect combination of physical challenge and natural beauty.

Thumb Butte Trail is a popular hiking destination known for its iconic rock formation and panoramic views of the Prescott area. The trail is a moderate 2.5-mile loop that offers both an easier paved path and a more challenging route with steeper sections. As hikers ascend, they are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding Prescott National Forest and a diverse array of flora and fauna. The trail also serves as a great spot for bird watching, with chances to spot local species like the Steller's Jay and the Arizona Woodpecker.

Finally, Watson Lake, renowned for its unique granite dells, provides a fantastic rock climbing experience. Climbers of all skill levels can find suitable routes, offering traditional and sports climbing opportunities. The granite formations around the lake present various challenges, with routes ranging from 5.6 to 5.12 on the Yosemite Decimal System. Besides climbing, visitors can also enjoy kayaking or canoeing on Watson Lake, adding a tranquil contrast to the adrenaline-filled climbing adventure.

Related Events

Epic Rides is a group dedicated to promoting the joy of biking outdoors, emphasizing its benefits for the soul, and hosting events that celebrate the vibrant mountain biking community, from world champions to enthusiastic newcomers. Their events are more than just rides; they celebrate the bicycle, the outdoors, and the unique community surrounding it. In addition to the Whiskey Off-Road, other events they produce, which Strambecco profiles, are Tour of the White Mountains in October and 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (24HOP) in February, both taking place in Arizona.

If you are considering other event options this Spring,  look no further than the Belgian Waffle Ride in Arizona on March 2.  The Second Annual Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona is a unique desert and mountain gravel experience known as the Hell of the North Desert. The Arizona event is the kick-off to the largest gravel series in the world, the Belgian Waffle Ride Series, as well as the Tripel Crown of Gravel. Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona takes place in Cave Creek, Arizona, on the fringes of the Valley of the Sun.   In a unique collaboration, BWR AZ is teaming up for the prestigious Specialized Cactus Cup MTB event/race to create a thrilling back-to-back off-road cycling extravaganza, the "Duel in the Desert." Taking place on consecutive Saturdays, March 2 and March 9, 2024, this combination event of mountain biking and gravel racing promises an unparalleled celebration of cycling prowess, camaraderie, and the breathtaking Arizona landscape in and around the magnificent McDowell Mountains Regional Park.  The Cactus Cup is a Best-in-Class event on Strambecco's Best Mountain Bike Events rankings in the Southwest.

For the multi-sport athletes out there, check out some of our best-rated Road CyclingGravel Cycling, and Trail Running events that are held in Arizona and the broader Southwest. Some of them include the El Tour Series road cycling events – El Tour de ZonaMesaTucson, and the infamous gravel race Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Scottsdale from Monuments of Cycling, which is part of its Quadrupel Crown of Gravel Series. The Xterra Black Canyon Trail Run, part of the Xterra Trail Run World Series, and the Old Pueblo Endurance Runs are recommended in-state trail running events to add to your calendar.


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