Storming Of Thunder Ridge

The Storming of Thunder Ride is an annual cycling event in the heartland of central Virginia. Hosted by the YMCA of Central Virginia, this bike event holds 5 distances for every level at 27, 45, 49, and 100 miles respectively. “The longer 75 & 100-mile routes test rider stamina with a 13-mile ascent to Apple Orchard Mountain, the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. For an epic day in the saddle, the 100-mile route boasts over 9000 feet of climbing.” 2019 calls more than 600 riders and 2021 brought the Storming Of Thunder Ridge to new heights with over 800 riders and over 300 just for the century. With so many participants and more likely in 2022, The storming of Thunder Ridge is a premier Mid-Atlantic cycling event.