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Jersey Gravel Grinder 2025

May 10, 2025

cyclists at jersey gravel grinder event
Last Updated May 22, 2024

The 2025 event date is not yet confirmed -- Founded in 2018, the Jersey Gravel Grinder 2025 continues to gain popularity due to the all-surface adventure it offers on its meticulously curated routes, offering an appealing blend of dirt, gravel, and paved roads. The event occurs in and around Bedminster, NJ, in Somerset County, which is within perfect striking distance for athletes throughout the tri-state area and Philadelphia. Jersey Gravel Grinder is one of three North American Events that comprise the 16 events in the global Gran Fondo World Tour - Gravel Series. Strambecco rates it as one of the Best Gravel Events in the Mid-Atlantic and one of the Best Cycling Race Events in New Jersey.

Below, you will find information on course details, lodging, dining, and other outdoor activities to do while in town for the Jersey Gravel Grinder. 

Event & Course Info

Jersey Gravel Grinder now has four routes to choose from. Each year, the organizer tweaks the courses to keep things interesting but the target mileage and elevation for each route is as follows: the newly added MEGA XL at 125 miles and around 8,000ft of climbing, the MEGA comes with 85 miles and 6,000 feet of elevation gain, the ADVENTURE at 55 Miles and 4,500 feet of elevation gain,  and the SOUL at 28 miles and 1,600 feet of elevation gain. Expect 50%-75% gravel on all routes, providing the perfect balance of terrain, and the MEGA route even includes an optional 1 mi singletrack section in Nassau Trails.

In the spirit of an Enduro/Grand Fondo, you'll compete for the fastest combined time across specific timed segments rather than focusing on the overall ride duration. Clear signage will indicate when to unleash your full potential and mark the completion of each timed segment. You have the freedom to choose between tackling the entire route with relentless determination or savoring the scenic beauty and pushing your limits during the competitive timed segments. The Mega route boasts six segments, Adventure features four segments, and Soul offers two segments.

Fueling your Jersey Gravel Grinder journey is the organizer's priority, with aid stations conveniently placed every 20-25 miles. Expect a well-stocked array of essentials, including GU Gels, Stroop waffles, Skratch Hydration Drink, water, Swedish Fish, Coke, Pickle Juice, and more. Make sure to stop by famous Aid Station #1, where you'll be treated to mouthwatering Organic Pancakes and Real Maple Syrup. Following the race, a vibrant post-race party awaits, complete with two food trucks serving hot meals and an ice cream truck for a sweet treat. Don't miss out on the post-race Awards Ceremony and Prize Raffles, open to all participants, as you celebrate conquering the epic Jersey Gravel Grinder!

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Where to Stay in Bedminster

Check out Visit Somerset County for great resources on hotels, restaurants and other places to check out while in the area. However, we also recommend looking into some of the great vacation rentals that are close by such as this epic home which would be perfect for a group. There are also some wonderful and unique camping opportunities in the area for those who appreciate sleeping under the stars.

Dining in Bedminster

Bedminster, NJ, offers a quaint culinary scene that emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients, with a variety of dining options ranging from cozy cafes and classic American eateries to upscale restaurants featuring international cuisine. This small community prides itself on a relaxed dining atmosphere that blends traditional flavors with modern culinary trends. Local favorites include Priscilla's Pantry, Tratorria Mediterranean, and Dogwood Farms.

Outdoor Activities around Bedminster

Bedminster, NJ, with its picturesque landscapes and mild May weather, offers a plethora of outdoor activities that are perfect for athletes looking to explore new terrain or simply enjoy the great outdoors. Just a short drive from Bedminster, the Sourland Mountain Preserve offers an exceptional hiking experience for those who seek a bit of adventure and tranquility. The preserve features a range of trails that vary in difficulty, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned hikers. In May, the weather is ideal for enjoying the lush greenery and vibrant wildflowers that line the paths, offering a scenic and invigorating hiking experience.

For cycling enthusiasts, the Columbia Trail presents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a leisurely ride or a challenging workout. This well-maintained trail stretches over 15 miles and passes through picturesque landscapes, including wooded areas, stream crossings, and open fields. The trail is mostly flat and offers a peaceful retreat with plenty of natural beauty.

Related Events

The event is produced by Ready Set Go Adventures, a regional event producer dedicated to creating fantastic race experiences spanning gravel, MTB,  trail running, and triathlons, including Xterra New Jersey (which we consider to be one of the Best Trail Running Events in the Mid-Atlantic). Those with their ambitions set high can participate and earn points at all of Ready Set Go Adventures’s Gravel Grinders in 2023 to get the opportunity to be crowned Ready Set GRAVEL Adventures Series Champion based on the highest total points in each age group. Point totals will be based on your top 3 results (i.e., you can drop one result when you race all four). The complete race series includes the Jersey Gravel Grinder, the NY Gravel Grinder (permits pending), the Macedonia Gravel Grinder, and finally, the Jersey Gravel Grinder Deux.

Multi-sport athletes looking for other premier races and events in New Jersey and the broader Mid-Atlantic region can take a peek at all of our related Strambecco Best-in-Class rated event guides:

The Gran Fondo World Tour Gravel Series is a series of 16 gravel cycling events in some of the best gravel cycling locations around the world.  The Series is part of the Gran Fondo World Tour, which comprises 22 global road events. The events are designed to challenge riders of all levels, from amateur to professional.  Series events typically cover distances ranging from 80 to 200 kilometers and feature a mix of challenging terrain, including dirt roads, gravel tracks, and technical sections. The events are often held in scenic locations, such as mountain ranges, coastal regions, and national parks, to provide participants with a unique and rewarding cycling experience.

  1. There are three North American events including the Jersey Gravel Grinder in May. Founded in 2018, the Jersey Gravel Grinder continues to gain popularity due to the all-surface adventure it offers on its meticulously curated routes, offering an appealing blend of dirt, gravel, and paved roads. Strambecco rates it as one of the Best Gravel Events in the Mid-Atlantic and New Jersey.
  2. The Kettle Mettle Dirty Fondo takes place annually in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, and is known for being the oldest gravel fondo in Western Canada and one of North America’s most scenic gravel fondos. It is rated by Stambecco as one of the best Gravel Grinders in the Pacific Northwest and in Canada.
  3. Belgian Waffle Ride BWR Kansas is esteemed as the grandest gravel/unroad course in America. The course offers a palette of terrains, including single tracks, muddy trails, and remarkable rolling gravel roads, with almost no paved roads, leaving riders to battle the winds alone. Strambecco rates it as one of the best gravel events in the Midwest.

You can view the full list of events here.

The Gran Fondo World Tour Gravel Series offers a range of categories, from competitive to non-competitive, and is open to riders of all ages and abilities. The events are timed, with professional timing systems used to accurately record each rider's time and ranking.  Participants in the GFWT Gravel Series events can expect a well-organized and fully supported experience, with aid stations, mechanical support, and medical services along the route. Many events also feature post-ride celebrations, including food and beverage vendors, live music, and awards ceremonies.

The GFWT Gravel Series allows gravel cyclists to test their skills and endurance against some of the best riders in the world while also enjoying the camaraderie and support of a friendly and welcoming community.

Although you might live close to one of the few US events, the more far-flung destination events offer the opportunity to mix a prestigious athletic event with a vacation in a stunning and interesting location.  The event opportunity maintains partnerships with travel partners to help you with all the details and logistics.

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