Region/State: Switzerland

Solo riding climbing on route of UCI Gravel Suisse
UCI Gravel Switzerland 2024
UCI Gravel Switzerland 2024, part of the UCI Gravel World Series, offers a unique cycling…
Riders near Lake Zurich in Chasing Cancellara event
Chasing Cancellara Zurich-Andermatt 2024
The Chasing Cancellara Zurich-Andermatt is a captivating cycling event on August 24, 2024, and part…
Hairpin Swiss Alps climb in Chasing Cancellara event
Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024
The Chasing Cancellara Bern-Zermatt 2024 is a distinguished cycling event that combines the thrill of…
Alp scene of Alpine Gravel Challenge
Alpine Gravel Challenge 2024
The Alpine Gravel Challenge is a significant new event in the gravel cycling calendar in…
Swiss Epic team on single track
Swiss Epic MTB 2024
The SPAR Swiss Epic MTB is a premier and internationally renowned off-road cycling event that…
La Punt,
Solo rider on ascent in Swiss Alps
Octopus Gravel Andermatt 2024

In the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps lies Andermatt, a picturesque village that hosts…

Rider on a climb with Swiss Alp backdrop
Gran Fondo Switzerland – Villars 2024
Updated March 31, 2024 The UCI Gran Fondo Switzerland Villars is an annual cycling event…