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Best Cycling Events Utah 2024

Best Cycling Events Utah 2024

Gravel riders on Utah trail

The team at Strambecco rates the Best Cycling Events Utah 2024 based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the event’s or race’s overall uniqueness. Strambecco does not list every event.  We strive to identify and review special and noteworthy events, spanning Road, Gravel, and Mountain Bike events and races.

Utah, with its diverse landscapes, offers cyclists a wide range of terrain to conquer and breathtaking vistas to behold. The state hosts several iconic cycling events that attract riders from around the country. Whether you’re looking for challenging gran fondos or epic desert adventures, Utah has something for every type of cyclist. If we had to pick the best of the Best Cycling Events Utah 2024, here are three notable cycling events that showcase the best of Utah’s cycling scene:

1. Utah-Cache Gran Fondo:

  • Location: Logan, Utah
  • Distance and Terrain: The Utah-Cache Gran Fondo is a celebration of scenic cache valley. It features several distance options ranging from 40 to 100 miles, each taking riders through the rolling hills and charming farmlands of Cache Valley.
  • Challenges: The event offers a mix of flat sections and challenging climbs, including the challenging North Logan Bench climb. It caters to riders of various skill levels.
  • Why it’s Iconic: The Utah-Cache Gran Fondo is beloved for its beautiful surroundings and well-organized event. The ride embodies the spirit of gran fondos, offering a festive atmosphere with post-race celebrations, local food, and breathtaking views of the Cache Valley.  Utah-Cache is also part of the prestigious Gran Fondo National Series.

2. True Grit Epic:

  • Location: St. George, Utah
  • Distance and Terrain: The True Grit Epic is a premier mountain bike race that explores the rugged terrain of southern Utah. It offers multiple race lengths, including the signature 100-mile distance, taking riders through rocky terrain, sandstone slickrock, and challenging climbs.
  • Challenges: Riders can expect technically demanding trails and relentless terrain. The event is famous for its unforgiving nature.
  • Why it’s Iconic: True Grit Epic is a must-attend for mountain bike enthusiasts. It immerses participants in the stunning desert landscapes of southern Utah, combining the thrill of mountain biking with the serene beauty of the region.  True Grit is National Ultra Endurance series event.

3. Moab Rocks:

  • Location: Moab, Utah
  • Distance and Terrain: Moab Rocks is a three-day stage race that takes riders through the legendary trails of Moab, known for their unique red rock formations and challenging singletrack. The race covers approximately 100 miles over three stages.
  • Challenges: Riders will encounter a mix of technical sections, rocky descents, and challenging climbs, making it an unforgettable desert adventure.
  • Why it’s Iconic: Moab Rocks is a showcase of Moab’s world-class mountain biking trails. The event allows riders to experience the iconic slickrock terrain, stunning vistas, and the unique desert landscape that defines Moab as a premier mountain biking destination.  Moab Rock is part of the TransRockies Race Series.

In summary, these iconic cycling events in Utah offer cyclists the chance to explore the state’s remarkable natural beauty and diverse terrains. Whether you prefer scenic gran fondos, rugged mountain biking epics, or desert adventures, Utah has something to offer. These events provide not only challenges but also the opportunity to connect with fellow cyclists and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Beehive State.  If you have suggestions on other events we should consider or review, please get in touch with us here or send us a note at  Strambecco also rates Southwest’s best Road, Gravel, and MTB events.

mountain biker at True Grit Epic MTB

True Grit Epic MTB

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gravel cyclists at True Grit Gravel Epic

True Grit Gravel Epic

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gravel cyclists at Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Utah

Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Utah

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mountain biker at moab rocks

Moab Rocks

Brought to you by Transrockies Race Productions, who first brought mountain bike state racing to North America in 2002, Moab Rocks is an early spring classic multi-day event at one of the…
cyclists at gran fondo moab

Gran Fondo Moab

One of Utah’s top Gran Fondo style cycling events and a Transrockies Race Series event.  Strambecco also rates the event as one of the best road cycling events in the Southwest.  Gran…
road cyclists at utah-cache gran fondo

Utah-Cache Gran Fondo

The Utah-Cache Gran Fondo is an annual Italian-style ride in Cache Valley in Northern Utah that has consistently been ranked as one of the best Gran Fondos in North America and is…
gravel cyclists in utah

Crusher in the Tushar

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finish line of LoToJa Classic


The LoToJa Classic (Logan, UT to Jackson, WY) was started in the 1980s by two Logan cyclists  who wanted a race that resembled the difficulty of a one-day European classic. LoToJa’s first…

gravel riding scenery at Rexy Co2uT

Rexy Co2uT

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