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Best Cycling Events Vermont 2024

Best Cycling Events Vermont 2024

Racers in Vermont Overland Event

The team at Strambecco rates the Best Cycling Events Vermont 2024 based on various factors, including reputation, route quality, location, rider feedback, and the event’s or race’s overall uniqueness. Strambecco does not list every event.  We strive to identify and review special and noteworthy events, spanning Road, Gravel, and Mountain Bike events and races.

Vermont, often dubbed the “Green Mountain State,” is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly cyclists. With its scenic landscapes, charming small towns, and a deep love for all things outdoors, it’s no wonder that Vermont hosts some of the most iconic cycling events in the Northeast. From grueling races to picturesque fondo rides, the state offers something for every type of rider.  If we had to pick the best of the Best Cycling Events Vermont 2024, here are our choices.

1. Vermont 50:

  • Location: Ascutney, Vermont
  • Distance and Terrain: The Vermont 50 is a legendary mountain bike and ultra run race. Cyclists can choose between a challenging 50-mile course and a slightly shorter 50-kilometer option, traversing beautiful but rugged terrain, which includes singletrack, gravel roads, and challenging climbs.
  • Challenges: This event is not for the faint of heart, as it demands riders to conquer steep ascents, rocky descents, and unpredictable New England weather.
  • Why it’s Iconic: The Vermont 50 combines the thrill of mountain biking with a deep connection to Vermont’s natural beauty. It’s known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging riders of all levels to test their limits.

2. Vermont Gran Fondo:

  • Location: Killington, Vermont
  • Distance and Terrain: The Vermont Gran Fondo is a non-competitive ride that showcases the scenic beauty of the Green Mountains. Participants can choose from several distances, including 107, 71, and 46 miles, exploring rolling hills and quaint Vermont towns.
  • Challenges: While it’s not a race, the Gran Fondo offers its share of challenges, with winding roads and elevation gains that require effort and skill.
  • Why it’s Iconic: This event offers a leisurely yet adventurous way to experience Vermont’s stunning landscapes. Cyclists can savor the natural beauty and local culture without the pressure of racing.

3. Rasputista:

  • Location: Newport, Vermont
  • Distance and Terrain: Rasputista, Vermont’s premier gravel grinder, takes riders through some of the state’s most remote and rugged landscapes. The 40-mile course features a mix of gravel, dirt, and class 4 roads.
  • Challenges: Riders should expect challenging conditions, unpredictable weather, and rough terrain. Rasputista is famous for its infamous “mud season.”
  • Why it’s Iconic: Rasputista provides a unique opportunity to experience Vermont’s backcountry, offering a true adventure for gravel enthusiasts. The event’s name, which means “little rascal” in Russian, reflects the gritty and unpredictable nature of the ride.

In conclusion, Vermont’s iconic cycling events capture the essence of the Green Mountain State, celebrating its natural beauty and outdoor spirit. Whether you’re seeking an extreme challenge, a leisurely fondo experience, or a gravel adventure, Vermont has it all. These events not only showcase the state’s picturesque landscapes but also foster a sense of community, camaraderie, and a deep connection to Vermont’s rich cycling culture.

If you have suggestions on other events we should consider or review, please get in touch with us here or send us a note at  Strambecco also rates the best Road, Gravel, and MTB events in greater New England. 

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