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Belgian Waffle Ride Mexico

November 25 - November 26

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Monuments of Cycling (MoC), a premier cycling events producer best known for its iconic Belgian Waffle Ride California (San Diego), brings its popular format to Queretaro, Mexico, this November with the inaugural Belgian Waffle Ride Mexico. Created as highly challenging races in the spirit of the great European one-day Spring Classics, BWR events are known as some of the most unique cycling events in the country.  Incredibly dynamic, multi-surface ‘unroad’ parcourses replete with single track, sand, rocks, gravel, water crossings, cyclocross features, and even some asphalt.

The Belgian Waffle Ride Mexico will be the final stop of the Quadrupel Crown of Gravel Series and will feature the largest prize purse of the series.  Like other BWR Series events in California, N. Carolina, Utah, Kansas, and Arizona, you can expect a deep field of professional riders and an expansive list of hungry amateur riders drawn to the unparalleled opportunity to race alongside some of the best.

The Quadrupel Crown of Gravel Series offers a unique way to experience the unroad dynamics of BWR events/races.  The Quadrupel Crown, comprised of all the BWRs, is billed as the largest gravel series in the world, which will be contested in a points-based omnium format across all the 2023 BWRs.  Riders competing for the Quadrupel honors and prize purse can take the points of their top four (Quad) races to vie for the win. The series will recognize professional riders and age groupers alike.

Mexico routes have not been announced, but BWR course formats start with the most challenging Waffle routes, lengths from 120 to 144 miles. Wafer courses run between roughly 68- and 84 miles. Some venues have Wanna Rides, which are typically around 40 miles. Elevation gain range from 6,500 feet to 14,000 feet for the various Waffle courses.

Querétaro is a state in central Mexico known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful natural landscapes. Querétaro, the state capital, is a dream destination for Waffleurs, offering a mix of urban and rural terrain with incredibly inexpensive lodging and direct flights from many airports.  Querétaro is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, charming plazas, and cobblestone streets. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to several important landmarks, such as the aqueduct, the Temple of Santa Clara, and the main square, where you can find the Cathedral of Santiago.  Beyond the city, the state of Querétaro is known for its beautiful natural landscape. The state has several national parks, such as The Sierra Gorda, which offers challenging gravel cycling routes through rugged mountains and pristine wilderness. The state also has a variety of routes through charming villages with colonial architecture and local traditions.  Waffleurs can also expect to have wonderful dining experiences, as the state of Querétaro has a diverse culinary scene, with traditional Mexican food and international options.  Overall, Querétaro is a destination that offers an exciting combination of culture, history, and natural beauty, making it the perfect location for a Belgian Waffle Ride event.

The Belgian Waffle Ride México venue is at The Ex-Hacienda del Lobo, also known as The Hacienda del Lobo.  The hacienda has been beautifully restored and now serves as a hotel and event venue, offering visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich history and colonial architecture. The main building of the hacienda is a grand, two-story structure made of stone and adorned with traditional red tile roofs. The property also features several smaller buildings, such as guesthouses, stables, and a chapel, that are beautifully restored.   It is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, including lush forests, hills and rivers, cobblestones, and unroads that the BWR course will cover.



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