Oregon Gravel Grinder Series

The Oregon Gravel Grinder Series is a renowned collection of multi-day cycling events that showcase the beauty and diversity of Oregon’s gravel roads. It consists of four main series events: Gorge Gravel Grinder, Cascade Gravel Grinder, Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder, and Ochoco Gravel Grinder. Each event offers its own unique challenges and highlights different regions of the state.  Each event also makes Strambecco’s selection of the Best Gravel Grinders in the Northwest.

  1. Gorge Gravel Grinder: The Gorge Gravel Grinder typically takes place in the scenic Columbia River Gorge region. This event features stunning views of towering cliffs, lush forests, and the majestic Columbia River. Riders can expect challenging climbs, fast descents, and breathtaking landscapes as they navigate the gravel roads of this picturesque area.
  2. Cascade Gravel Grinder: The Cascade Gravel Grinder explores the rugged and mountainous terrain of the Cascade Range in central Oregon. Participants tackle challenging climbs and thrilling descents as they traverse the gravel roads amidst stunning alpine scenery, including snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and dense forests. This event is known for its demanding routes and breathtaking vistas.
  3. Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder: The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder offers a historical and adventurous cycling experience. It takes riders through the eastern part of Oregon, where they follow in the footsteps of pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail during the westward expansion. The routes often traverse remote and wide-open landscapes, showcasing the high desert, rolling hills, and iconic landmarks of the Oregon Trail.
  4. Ochoco Gravel Grinder: The Ochoco Gravel Grinder is set in the Ochoco Mountains and surrounding areas of central Oregon. This event presents a mix of challenging climbs, technical descents, and stunning views of rugged canyons and high desert landscapes. Participants can expect a true gravel adventure as they explore the remote and scenic roads of this region.

Each of these main series events is designed to offer a unique and memorable gravel riding experience. They provide riders with the opportunity to test their skills, push their limits, and discover the beauty of Oregon’s diverse landscapes. Whether riders are seeking competition or simply a challenging and scenic ride, the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series events deliver an unforgettable gravel cycling experience.

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Gorge Gravel Grinder

Dufur, Oregon Dufur, OR, United States

Gorge Gravel Grinder kicks off the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series.  Although only one day, the Gorge Gravel Grinder Big Grind route covers 93 miles and 6,100 feet of elevation through the stunning Cascade Mountain Range that typically has warm temps and sun for spring riding.  The course winds through The Dalles, where hundreds of miles…


Cascade Gravel Grinder

Bend, Oregon Bend, OR, United States

The Cascade Gravel Grinder is the second race in the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series and is takes place in and around the adventure-loving town of Bend, Oregon. The event is unique in that it includes a single-day event on Sunday, May 14, or the chance to participate in an exclusive multi-day stage race that runs…

Event Series Oregon Gravel Grinder Series

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

Sisters, Oregon 413 W Hood Avenue, Sisters, OR, United States

The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder is the third leg of the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series; this "Grand Tour of Gravel" is a five-day event that will challenge and reward racers and adventure riders alike, not only on the epic days in the saddle but the celebration of the gravel tribe each night at camp.  …

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