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Emerald Mountain Epic (MTB)

August 5, 2023 @ 8:00 am - August 6, 2023 @ 5:00 pm


The Emerald Mountain Bike Epic is one of the most well-attended and beloved mountain bike events in Colorado and the entirety of the United States. Attracting everyone from first-time riders to pros, Steamboat Springs Colorado attracts a mass group of people once a year to experience some world-class single track, food, and a festival-like setting in the beautiful natural Steamboat setting.

What’s terrific about the Emerald Epic is the inclusivity seen in the numerous event categories. There are three distance options to choose from, which are 78.2 miles, 52 miles, and 39 miles, respectively. In each of these length categories, multiple entry options range from male/female/open gender categories, which makes the Epic a true pioneer in inclusivity in the terrific MTB community; there are also categories such as single speed, real, and fat bike, so every niche has there place at this amazing festival. The course will include a top-level single track, terrific course markings, and an aid station. The logistics of this event are truly world-class.

Emerald Mountain Epic is a famous two-day mountain bike and trail running festival that attracts thousands and is highly recommended by the Strambecco editing staff. An event worth making an effort to travel to! Saturday is dedicated to mountain bikers, Emerald Mountain Bike Epic, and Sunday is dedicated to Emerald Mountain Epic Trail, which offers full and half marathon distances. This event is for everyone! You can register for biking, running, or participate in several categories that combine both to potentially win cash prizes or claim one of the crowns of Emerald Mountain Epic Royalty.



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