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Shenandoah Mountain 100 2024

August 31 - September 1

mountain biker at shenandoah mountain 100 event
Last Updated April 2, 2024

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 is one of the best long-distance endurance mountain bike races in the United States and is part of the National Ultra Endurance Race Series (NUE).  This top endurance MTB event is organized by the wonderful Shenandoah Mountain Touring, who organize some terrific custom bike trips and other races such as Wilderness 101.  This epic race takes place in the beautiful rural mountains of Virginia, northwest of Charlottesville. Riders have the option of two lengths: the 100-kilometer length on Saturday or the big 100-mile race on Sunday. The team at Strambecco considers Shenandoah Mountain 100 to be one of the Best Mountain Bike Events in the Mid-Atlantic.

Event & Course Info

Set against the stunning backdrop of Virginia’s George Washington National Forest, the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is a mountain biker’s dream event. It’s not just another mountain biking event; it’s a testament to endurance, resilience, and the spirit of adventure. With its rich history dating back to 1998, this ultra-endurance 100-mile mountain bike race near Stokesville has made its mark as the most popular course in the NUE Series. What sets it apart is not only its challenging route but the raw experience it offers. The event takes riders through scenic singletracks, rugged double tracks, fire roads, and even brief sections of pavement. Registration is limited to 650 participants, ensuring that the event stays intimate and exclusive. This limitation also upholds the event’s commitment to the USFS by minimizing the impact on the forest, preserving its pristine condition, and ensuring that the delicate balance of the ecosystem remains undisturbed.

In 2023, both the 100-K and 100-mile routes have seen revamps. The 100K, set for Saturday, features over 8,400+ ft of climbing, and the 100-miler on Sunday is a massive backcountry loop boasting over 13,600+ ft of elevation gain, both promising unparalleled beauty and challenge.

Strategically placed aid stations (approx. every 20 miles) are stocked with essentials like water, HEED, Hammer Gel, PB&J, and Coke. But remember, while participants are not allowed to be followed for support, friends and family can sign up to assist at these stations, cheering and aiding all riders. Be it lights, gear, or food, riders can avail of the drop system at aid stations. But here’s a tip: ensure everything fits into the 1-gallon ziploc bags the event provides. For the 100K, you’re allowed two drop bags, while the 100-miler participants get three. Due to the event’s commitment to minimal impact, spectators are not encouraged. However, they can contribute as volunteers.

Cash payouts up to $500 each for the top finishers of Shenandoah Mountain 100 in both men’s and women’s categories are awarded, and other prizes will be given to competitors 5 deep in all other categories.

If you need any biking gear or assistance before or after the event, Shenandoah Bicycle Company is at your service.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Due to the location of the event, there are no hotels in Mt. Solon or super close to the event site. It’s recommended that participants camp at either Stokesville Campground or Natural Chimney Campground for the full 3-day weekend. However, there is a great B&B nearby, Meadowlark Ridge B&B, and a plethora of vacation rentals for those who enjoy a home-like experience such as this home, perfect for a group of participants or a family or this beautiful farm cottage. Those who need a true hotel should look in Harrisonburg, which is about 30 min. Drive from Mt. Solon and has Massanutten Resort’s Indoor Water Park

Harrisburg, VA, boasts a diverse culinary scene that reflects its rich cultural heritage and agricultural roots. From farm-to-table eateries serving fresh, locally sourced dishes to ethnic restaurants offering global flavors, the city provides a delightful gastronomic journey for residents and visitors alike. This burgeoning food hub, nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, perfectly marries traditional Southern comfort with modern culinary innovation. Organizers recommend that when hunger strikes, Billy Jack’s Wing & Draft Shack and Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint are the places to be to refuel after the epic beatdown that is Shenandoah Mountain 100.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors while in town for the event. Hikers will enjoy hiking to Natural Chimneys a towering limestone formation, which stands at around 120 feet, offers hiking trails that provide breathtaking panoramic views. The trails lead adventurers through the park’s unique geological structures and surrounding natural beauty.

Flowing through Mt. Solon, the North River offers an exhilarating experience for water sports enthusiasts. Whether it’s a relaxing tube ride or an active kayaking session, the river promises refreshing escapades amid Virginia’s picturesque landscapes.

Lastly, Hidden Rocks, located within the George Washington National Forest, provides rock climbers with a granite face that’s suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. The crags offer a mix of top-rope, traditional, and sport climbing routes that challenge climbers amidst the backdrop of the serene forest canopy.

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The Shenandoah Mountain 100 is part of the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE), which includes some of the best mountain biking events in the country.  NUE comprises an Epic Series, 100-mile events, and a Marathon series, which includes 50-mile and 75k length events.

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