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Veneto Gravel Classic 2025

April 18, 2025 - April 19, 2025

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The 2025 event date is not confirmed:

Get ready for an extraordinary cycling experience that defies the ordinary! Enter the realm of Veneto Gravel Classic, the unrivaled titan of gravel bikepacking events in Europe, held annually in the captivating region of Veneto, Italy. This is not your run-of-the-mill cycling affair – it’s an adventure of epic proportions, drawing hundreds of participants from across the globe, transforming the Veneto landscape into a playground for gravel enthusiasts.

What sets Veneto Gravel Classic apart is its unique, unsupported format, which challenges participants to be self-sufficient throughout this awe-inspiring journey. Veneto Gravel isn’t just an event; it’s a voyage into the heart of Italy’s Veneto, a region renowned for its natural beauty and cultural richness. As part of the Gran Fondo World Tour – Gravel Series, and proudly adorned with the title of one of the Best Gravel Fondos in Italy by Strambecco, this is an experience that promises unparalleled adventure and a chance to etch your name in gravel cycling history.

Born in 2017, the inaugural Veneto Gravel quickly ascended to classic status, evolving with each edition to ensure participants are not just spectators but active participants in the ever-changing narrative of the region. Veneto Gravel isn’t just an event; it’s an immersive journey, a celebration of the Veneto region’s diverse landscapes, and an invitation to be part of a cycling legacy that continues to captivate riders year after year.

Event & Course Info

The Veneto Gravel is not just a cycling event; it is an escape from the daily routine and a chance to break out of your comfort zone. The adventure is dictated by the pedal, the dawn, the sunset, and everything in between. You can ride non-stop to the end, sleep under the stars with a sleeping bag or pamper yourself in accommodation facilities along the towns crossed. The adventure is tailored to your preferences, and you are the protagonist.

The Veneto Gravel Classic is a 720 km and +4300D route that takes you on a journey of discovery through the Veneto region. It is a challenging adventure where you can set your own pace and explore Veneto’s secrets. However, for those who prefer a shorter adventure, there are two options: Veneto Gravel Beach and Veneto Gravel Lake.

Veneto Gravel Beach is a 400km and +2800D route that takes you through the mountains and beaches of Veneto. It is an adventure that is accessible to everyone, making the route available to a wider audience. Meanwhile, Veneto Gravel Lake is a new route introduced in 2023, following requests from participants for a new variant. It is a 400km and +1800D route that takes you through the Venetian hills and the famous Lake Garda.

Area Accommodations & Things to Do

Veneto, Italy, a region adorned with historic cities, rolling hills, and serene countryside, beckons travelers to indulge in its rich cultural tapestry. As you plan your sojourn to this enchanting destination, here are some of the best lodging options that promise not just comfort but an immersive experience in Veneto’s allure. Nestled in the heart of Verona, Villa di Cappello is a testament to historic elegance. This boutique hotel seamlessly blends classic charm with modern comfort, offering travelers a luxurious retreat. Surrounded by lush gardens, it provides a tranquil oasis in the midst of Verona’s vibrant energy. For those seeking a rustic escape, Agriturismo Millefiori near Padua offers a countryside haven. Set amidst vineyards and olive groves, this agriturismo invites guests to experience authentic rural charm. The cozy rooms and farm-to-table dining create a genuine connection with Veneto’s agricultural heritage. For an opulent stay in Venice, the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel stands as a symbol of Venetian grandeur. This historic palace, situated on the Grand Canal, offers luxurious rooms adorned with period furnishings. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Venice while relishing modern comforts.

Veneto, Italy, is not only captivated by its historical wonders but also enticed by a rich culinary scene that reflects the region’s diverse landscapes. As you traverse the charming cities and countryside, here are some of the best places to satiate your taste buds and savor the flavors of Veneto. Nestled on the vibrant island of Burano, Trattoria da Romano beckons with its seafood delights and charming ambiance. Overlooking the picturesque canals, this trattoria offers a delectable journey into Venetian cuisine. From fresh seafood pasta to risotto, each dish is a celebration of flavors from the lagoon. Antica Trattoria Poste Vecie, nestled on the Grand Canal in Venice, is a culinary gem with centuries of history. Dating back to 1500, this trattoria invites guests to savor traditional Venetian dishes amid historic charm. From pasta to fresh seafood, every bite is a tribute to the region’s culinary heritage.

As the weather turns milder and nature awakens, exploring the vineyard-covered hills of the Prosecco region becomes a must. Cycling enthusiasts can pedal along the scenic Strada del Prosecco, winding through picturesque landscapes and charming villages. For a tranquil escape, the Dolomite Mountains offer enchanting hikes, revealing alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers. The shores of Lake Garda beckon water lovers, providing an ideal setting for sailing or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along the promenades. Additionally, the renowned Venetian Lagoon comes alive with the Venice Biennale, an art exhibition that transforms the historic city into a vibrant cultural hub.

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Gear up for an unparalleled cycling odyssey with the Gran Fondo World TourGravel Series, a global extravaganza of gravel cycling races spanning continents. Designed to challenge and inspire riders of all levels, these events offer scenic routes with distances ranging from 70 to 200 kilometers. The series is an integral part of the broader Gran Fondo World Tour, encompassing both gravel and road cycling events. In the United States, several events in the Gravel Series have earned acclaim from Strambecco, a trusted authority in cycling ratings. Among them are the Jersey Gravel Grinder, the Vermont Gran Fondo, and the 719 Ride, each offering a unique blend of challenging terrain and breathtaking landscapes.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your gravel cycling experience to new heights, join the Gran Fondo World Tour – Gravel Series. It’s not just a race; it’s a journey that transcends borders, connecting cyclists from different corners of the globe in the pursuit of gravel greatness.

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