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Veneto Gravel Classic

April 22, 2024

gravel cyclists at UCI Gravel World Championship – Veneto

This is not your typical cycling event. Veneto Gravel is the largest gravel bikepacking event in Europe every year in Veneto.  Each edition has hundreds of participants from every country in the world.  It is an adventure through the beautiful Veneto region in Italy, where you will explore the countryside, hills, cities, and everything in between on a 720 km gravel bikepacking route. It is unique because it is an unsupported event, where you must be self-sufficient throughout the journey.  The event is also part of the Gran Fondo World Tour – Gravel Series and rated by Strambecco as one of the Best Gravel Fondo’s in Italy.

The idea for the Veneto Gravel was born from the desire to explore the Veneto region by bike, connecting all its hidden gems in a single ring. The route constantly changes to ensure participants fully experience the region’s natural beauty, with less asphalt and more nature. The first Veneto Gravel was held in 2017 and has become a classic.

The Veneto Gravel Classic is a 720 km and +4300D route that takes you on a journey of discovery through the Veneto region. It is a challenging adventure where you can set your own pace and explore Veneto’s secrets. However, for those who prefer a shorter adventure, there are two options: Veneto Gravel Beach and Veneto Gravel Lake.

Veneto Gravel Beach is a 400km and +2800D route that takes you through the mountains and beaches of Veneto. It is an adventure accessible to everyone to make the route available to a wider audience. Meanwhile, Veneto Gravel Lake is a new route introduced in 2023, following requests from participants for a new variant. It is a 400km and +1800D route that takes you through the Venetian hills and the famous Lake Garda.

The Veneto Gravel is not just a cycling event; it is an escape from the daily routine and a chance to break out of your comfort zone. The adventure is dictated by the pedal, the dawn, the sunset, and everything in between. You can ride non-stop to the end, sleep under the stars with a sleeping bag or pamper yourself in accommodation facilities along the towns crossed. The adventure is tailored to your preferences, and you are the protagonist.

The Gran Fondo World Tour – Gravel Series is a series of gravel cycling races held across different countries and continents. These events are designed to provide challenging and scenic routes for cyclists of all abilities, with distances typically ranging from 70-200km. The races are open to amateur and professional cyclists, allowing riders to experience different terrains and cultures. The Gravel Series is part of the Gran Fondo World Tour, including road cycling events. The series attracts participants worldwide and promotes a sense of community and camaraderie among riders.  US events in the series rated by Strambecco include the Jersey Gravel Grinder, Vermont Gran Fondo, and the 719 Ride.

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