Gran Fondo New York (GFNY)

New York, NY

The inaugural GFNY NYC race was held in 2011, and since then, GFNY has expanded to global series of 25 events. GFNY bills itself as the largest global cycling marathon brand.  As you might expect, this is a big event in NYC.  5,000+ riders lining up on a carless George Washington bridge is quite a…

GFNY Rockford

Rockford, IL 2180 Elmwood Rd, Rockford, IL

GFNY World Events presents GFNY Rockford, a race in Illinois' second largest city, Rockford, located one hour from Chicago. Chosen as one of our best road cycling events in the Midwest, there are two courses, the competitive long course option is 94 miles with 3583 feet of climbing, and the medium non-competitive option is a…