Mudslinger XC

The Mudslinger XC is one of the oldest running mountain bike races in the North West! Having been run since 1987, the Mudslinger brings back a vintage atmosphere to Mountain Biking and cross country racing. Hundreds of riders from all over Oregon and the greater Northwest culminate on Blodgett Oregon for a season starter of sorts at the start of April. There are two route options for the XC race; one is the Short Loop at 10 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing and the Long Loop with 17 miles and 2,766 feet of climbing. Not a lot has changed in the 40-odd years of the race’s existence with broth courses exploring the Pacific Northwest logging heritage with “fantastic old school logging roads with 30% single track in most years that will leave you on edge.” The race organizers recommended a beefy front tire because every year the rain percentage for the race is 40%. The race costs 55 dollars with a discount for younger riders. There is a full spread of event categories that range from ranked cateogories (cat 1-4) and the usual suspect “fun” cateogories such as single speed and fat tire. The Mudslinger is organized by none other than Mudslinger Events, with this XC race included, they organize some of the best mountain bike and gravel races and events in the entire United States all taking place in the Northwest. Races such as High Cascades 100 and The Ring of Fire, while a step up in length and challenge, are highly sought-after endurance mountain bike events that are worth checking out. The Mudslinger 100 is a fun and high cadence season starter for every type of mountain bike racer from the Cat 1 racer to the single-speed kind of person looking to have a chill day out on the bike. A very enjoyable event guaranteed.

High Cascades 100

The High Cascade 100 is a classic endurance mountain Bike race taking place in 2022 for its 14th iteration. The Cascades 100 is a top-notch event taking off from and surrounding the Bend Oregon area and trails. The race is put on by Mudslinger Events, who have made a name for themselves in the North West for their superb race and event line up in both mountain biking, gravel, and a mix of both. The Cascade 100 is Mudslinger’s pinnacle-lengthed event at 100 miles, with their other top mountain bike rides being the Ring of Fire, Oregon 24/12, Sisters Stampede, and for its 35th running year, the famous Mudslinger XC. The Gravel events organized by Mudslinger are as exciting for the gravel grinder crowd and you can read further about these exceptional events on Strambecco. The Cascade 100 will take off from Bend Oregon on the morning of July 16th, the third weekend of July. Being a 100-mile monster, there is 8,862 feet of elevation gain (2701 meters), which while a lot of climbing, for the 100-mile mountain bike length, is manageable in comparison to some events with this much distance traveled. A speedy course indeed, Kyle Trudeau showed what the single track is capable of by setting the course record in 2021 with a total time of six hours and 55 minutes with an average speed of 14 miles an hour. The Cascades is definitely not a bare-bones event but on the premium side when looking at the quality of aid stations, merch, and overall perks. There are 4 fully stocked aid stations kitted out with Hammer Nutrition which are located at the 24, 33, 48, and 64-mile markers respectively. With many long endurance mountain bike races, it can be incredibly daunting and mentally breaking to have a large portion of the climbing at the very end of a race after riding 80 miles for example. The Cascade’s course design is very intelligent with a bulk of the work done in the first 60 miles, and once the final aid station is reached, riders are treated to a remaining 40 so-odd miles with mainly wonderful single track descent to finish off in Bend. Being such a well organized event, there are some excellent merchandise options to remember the sufferfest with everything ranging from race-designed jerseys, bibs, socks, button-down tops, and hats which are all purchasable on the Bike.reg link. There are multiple event categories that you can sign up for that revolve around the 100-mile main course. There are the Open Men, Veteran Men (40-49), 50+ masters men, 60+ masters Men, Single Speed, and the same for the woman with open and 40-49, 50+ masters categories respectively. The overall cost for the Cascade 100 is a flat rate of 285 dollars. A wonderful addition is the race organizers offering a bike shipping service and acceptance of your shipped bike from your home to Bend (Sagebrush Cycles), who is an official sponsor, for just 150 dollars. This option is also bookable on bikereg. Importantly, the Cascade 100 is the 4th stop of the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) Epic Series. The Epic Series is a world-class mountain bike endurance race series that is a calendar of 9, 100-mile endurance races, bringing the best riders in the country to compete for the overall title. But of course, you can do these events all individually like the Cascade 100. The High Cascades 100 is an excellent endurance mountain bike race utilizing some of the best single track in the North West and is a guaranteed physical challenge with top-level organization, aid stations, logistics, and perks. A peak event by all means, the Cascades 100 is very much approved by the Strambecco staff.

Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire debuted in 2021 to rave reviews.  The name “Ring of Fire” refers to the Cascade Mountains and the volcanoes which are part of the 25,000 mile volcanic region of the Pacific Ocean basin.  The event takes place at Wanoga Snow Park in Bend Oregon and offers 100k and 40 miles of stunning single track.  The 100k route comes with nearly 6,000 Ft of elevation gain.

Ring of Fire is presented by Mudslinger Events, a producer of premium mountain bike and off-road events in the Northwest.